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Daily Blog #167: This blog ended up being about Alpha One. o3o

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I still hate everything. Particularly my math and science tests. But I may finish restriction tomorrow.

So that's good. :D

//goes temporarily insane/

//comes back/


I think I'm a little too obsessed with RP. XDD
And way too obsessed with Shiro and Alice.
...But seriously, they are adorable. QwQ
I think I might be annoying Aurinko though about how much I always want to RP. XD

But seriously, RP makes me happy.

Well... Unless it's my other friend who always wants to do Soul Eater RPs. XD She gets kind of annoying.
Also, she's trying to ship her OC with my OC, and I don't really like her OC all that much.
XD And neither does my OC. Not in that way, anyway.

Speaking of shipping, I've recently become obsessed with Alpha One x Furji. Two of my characters. I think I posted a picture of them a while back.
They're just totally awesome.

And speaking of Alpha One, I drew a picture of him today. I don't feel like scanning it in though.
I don't feel like scanning ANYTHING in lately.
It's just so much work. ;-;
When I have a million dollars, I'll buy my own scanner to connect to my laptop.
And I'll buy a bigger room and a new desk so I can have somewhere to put it.

...This picture of Alpha One. I'm still obsessed with it.

I just realized I keep using the word "obsessed."
I'm obsessed with the word obsessed.
Trees are hard to draw.

And so are wings. GAH. Ok, not NEARLY as hard as trees, but... ;-; Alpha One has a dragon wing and a dove wing, so not only do I have to draw them both right, but I have to make them look about the same size.
The dove wing always ends up looking bigger than the dragon wing.


Oh look. Another picture of Alpha One.

I need to stop drawing him.

//draws again/

I'm actually about to introduce him in my writing. But I don't feel like doing it. D':
Like... I've been stuck in the one part just before he's introduced... since forever. I can't get myself to write it.
I just... don't want to write it...



//forces myself to write/

Hm... I think I'll draw him without the wings for once.
And maybe I'll draw his hair out of the ponytail too.

The only time in the book when he has his hair down is when Furji walks up behind him and takes the tie out.
And Alpha One's like...
Waht. No. What are you doing. Stop touching me.


I don't know.

I like the other Otraken too.

All 23 others.

...Ok, I actually have about three more to design. But the rest, I love.

Especially Psi Thirteen.


Ok. I'm leaving now.


(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!