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Daily Blog #166: Kappa kappa kappa

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I hate everything right now. :D
Well, except for the cat on my lap. She's impossible to hate.
And Shiro. He's impossible to hate too.
They are both absolutely adorable.

Basically everything else, though, I want to murder. :D

Don't throw pencils on the ground when you're upset, because they break.
I did that. And it broke. And then I was more upset that it broke so I threw it again.
So now I'm an angry idiot with a broken pencil.
And then I was laughing insanely and yeah. I was scary.
Good thing there's no one around.


//cough/ Anyway.

I don't actually get angry, just frustrated.


At the moment, I'm talking to my friend, and waiting to see if my other friend will get on tonight, and I'm writing Alpha/Omega. Sort of.

My writing ability came back last night, I think. I felt inspired. :DDD
But I couldn't actually write because restriction. D:
Stupid restriction.
I'm tired of it.
A lot.
Multiplied by infinity.




I love the thesaurus.

I got a new character. :DDD From my dreams again. This is the third OC that came directly from a dream. QwQ
Her name's Kawako, and she's a kappa. A very strange kappa. A civilized kappa.
:D Like... She has a top hat covering the sara on her head. And other weird things like that.

I'm eating lasagna. And then I get cake.

Because cake.


I have nothing else to write about. Bye.

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!