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Daily Blog #163: Voices everywhere. :D

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

QwQ Someone was taking drawing requests and I requested that she draw Alpha One.
Lookie. :D



I love it when people draw my characters. ;w; I pretty much always ask for something when people are taking drawing requests. XDDD


Oh look. I was added to a new chatroom.
And guess what? Drama.
I gave up being part of these conversations. //eats popcorn and watches/
//laughs at everyone/

//gets tired of it/ //leaves/

I probably shouldn't have left that comment when I left... XDD
Bad DeAnna. Bad. Everyone will hate you now.
Even though you're right. XD

Meh, an hour of free time's already gone. D:

Today I turned an icosahedral virus into a D20.
I mean... The picture just looked like a D20... So I drew a 20 onto it.

So, like
Brony introduced me to the Vocaloid song Paired Wintry Winds. After a couple times of listening to it I realized it's really cool. :DDD
Meiko's voice is amazing. She's my favorite Vocaloid voice now.

And... I used to like Kaito's voice, mostly because it's just different... But now that I've gotten used to it, I... agree that it's weird. XDDD

Speaking of Vocaloid voices...
Guess what I found out this morning?
I can do Len's voice. I can do it PERFECTLY. :DD (well... In my opinion.)
:DDDDDD This makes me happy.

I also decided on a voice for my OC, Chiyokone Suzu. It's my best soprano singing voice, which sounds like an anime girl. XDDD
...I don't know what else it would sound like, really, considering I don't actually sing anything that's not Japanese.

I hate singing in front of my parents. D: Like... a lot.
In front of friends and stuff is ok. I don't know. I'm weird.


Today I accidentally wrote a theme for one of my characters.
Accidentally. I seem to do that a lot.
It turned out amazing. :DD It's one of my favorite musics I've written. Definitely my favorite character theme.
...My character themes aren't usually that good. XDD
Then again, I hadn't written any in a long time.

Ok, enough rambling about that. XD

...I'm feeling sad and lonely again.
//slaps myself/ NU BE SAD!!!

I think I'll write or something.
:D Bye.

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!