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Daily Blog #162: Huh... heheh. GAH. What? Oh. I don't know what to name this entry. Bye.

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

Does anyone besides me pay any attention to Brony? Because she's, like, one of the coolest people ever and I feel like I'm the only one who ever acknowledges her existence.
Go to her blog. Now. -w-
Look, I even made it easy for you by posting the link.

OH. By the way, Brony.
Now might be a good time if you want me to make some art of Daaisu and stuff.
Like, for the top bar of your Project Daaisu blog and stuff.
And stuff.



I think I actually said a long time ago that I was going to draw her, and... didn't ever get to it. D:

I forget stuff.


What was I just talking about?
I forgot.


Hi guys. :D
I had egg rolls for dinner. :DD They're tasteh.

My friend came online last night, so I slapped myself for being all depressed.
I shouldn't ever be depressed. :D

My mood doesn't usually change what I draw... Or, at least, I think it usually doesn't. When I'm sad I usually just don't feel like drawing, so I don't.
But last night, when I was being all sad, I started drawing... And...
When I was done, I was staring at the saddest part in all of the Alpha/Omega series.
I... I want to cry now.
It's so sad.


//hugs character whose name I shall not say/
I'm sorry _____. I love you. I shouldn't have let something like that happen to you. ;-;

//faceplants and cries forever/

Hey. Hey guise.
Look. Someone said this on our FN Hatena Group on Facebook concerning the fact that FN3D hasn't been released outside Japan.

"There was a huge demand for the application in Japan. It overwhelmed their servers and was pretty crazy. Now, think about Japan and its size/population compared to the rest of the world. Nintendo has the server architecture for multiplayer games and some things like the various shops (eShop, DSi Shop, Wii.. Shop Channel?), but there's a reason that they originally formed a partnership with Hatena: It was a full-blown social site. It's my guess that Nintendo is, or has been, extremely busy building a system that can handle the large demand that Flipnote Studio 3D will put on it. They can't release the application until the server is ready."

QwQ Genius.


Gah. Person. Stahp.

Someone just started posting pictures of her O.C.s (which are all cliche furries) on the FN Hatena group. And I get a notification each time.

This is NOT the first time it's happened. e-e Sometimes I wish I didn't get notifications from the group... But then I would forget it existed and that would be bad. D:

The type of O.C. that actually annoys me the most are the Sonic the Hedgehog-style O.C.s.
They. Are. Everywhere. It's keeping people from developing their own drawing style. Q_Q It makes me so sad. It's even worse than furries and wolves.

Actually, I was forced to make a furry O.C. once, and she turned out pretty awesome.
But still... Furries.
They're all exactly alike. ;-;

I would keep ranting about that but I'm not sure you'd be interested. XDD

This page owner on Facebook... Shelley Broadway... She is amazing. She runs *Clean* Funny Pics, which is a Christian page that posts completely 100% clean funny pictures. Hilarious awesome pictures.
Her more personal page posts more status updates than pictures. Here's the one she just posted.

"Embarrassed myself today, & made some lady mad. Her fault. You don't name your kid 'Marco' then yell his name in a store."

I don't often actually laugh about things on Internet, but...

Ok. Anyway.

//random bored noises/

Oh hey.
My brother David is making a board game, and he's going to try to get it to start selling with Kickstarter. If you don't know what that is, go look it up or something because I'm too lazy to explain.
Or not.
But anyway, David said that he would probably ask me to do the art for it (well, for a while at least-- later he'll hire an official artist.)
Anyway, I don't know any details... Or maybe I did, I just forgot them... Yeah.
o3o Oh well.
But anyway. Dat's cool. :D And if it works out, I'll get paid too.


I'm bored. Bye.

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!