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55 Random Facts About Me...

So. If you've been on Facebook recently, you'll have probably noticed this thing that's been going around. A friend gives you a number of facts that you have to post about yourself.
It's usually between 5 and 20, but my wonderful friend gave me 55.

-w- So, like, here it is, if you're interested.

1. I don't have a lot of friends in real life, but the ones I do have are the best ever.
2. My characters are as close as real friends. Well, maybe as close as Internet ones. Although one or two of my Internet friends are also as close as real friends, so... like... I don't know. Derp.
3. The only two places on the Internet I spend much time on are Facebook and Hatena Blog.
4. I like trench coats.
5. My favorite food is sushi.
6. I flip out when people misspell things or use bad grammar, and I hate it just as much when they use leetspeak.
7. ESPECIALLY when they're writing a book.
8. Speaking of young Internet people writing books, some One Direction fanfics are just really disgusting. Just thought I'd mention that.
9. My favorite anime is Soul Eater.
10. My favorite anime character is Death the Kid, from Soul Eater.
11. I don't have any time for video games anymore. It's sad.
12. My favorite video game character is... from a game I've never played. I'm ridiculous, I know. Oh, it's Komaeda from Super Dangan Ronpa 2.
13. I just realized that glasses really ARE awesome.
14. If you see me running around in circles on top of a roof with a bandana and a trench coat, laughing maniacally, tossing chairs/waffles, and screaming something about several universes being in my head at once, know that I'm just being a writer and this is all perfectly normal.
15. My least favorite anime is Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. That same anime /used/ to be my absolute favorite.
16. I like anime that no one else does.
17. When I'm sad I imagine Shiro on a sugar rush.
18. If it's not already obvious, I spend far more time in my own worlds than on Earth.
19. My characters tend to get hurt a lot. A lot of things happen in my books that I can't control. I thought being a writer meant you're actually the one who writes the story, but no not really.
20. The misuse and abuse of hashtags annoys me deeply. Do not use hashtags if you're not on Twitter.
21. When someone on the Internet says that she's ugly, I nod in agreement with her and move on. Because I like people to agree with me, so, like, why wouldn't she?
22. I fear my honesty may actually get me into trouble someday.
23. Emo and depressed people make me sad. Not out of empathy.
24. What makes me saddest are people who refuse to follow God. Someday an atheist friend will die and I'll probably go insane.
25. I honestly don't know how people could /not/ believe in God, considering things like all of the Biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled. And if these "reasonable" people would just study astronomy, they'd realize that it's all a little too perfectly designed to be an accident.
25. I'm deep. Hi.
26. I'm incredibly content with my life.
27. I used to dislike (no, not hate) myself a lot before I discovered my creative half. And since then my less awesome half has just improved, so I'm all good. And now I know it's not sensible to not like yourself anyway.
28. My cat is the most adorable thing in the world. Besides Shiro, of course.
29. I am absolutely full of myself, and I often get bored when I'm not talking about my books and my characters. I would try to fix this about myself, but I don't need to because, you knooow... I'm completely perfect already. //laughs/
30. Yeah... And when people can't draw, it's hard for me to understand why not. I need to fix that.
31. I'm incredibly sad when someone has to stop talking to me, like on Internet chat.
32. Sometimes I get really lonely and go totally insane. Other times I surround myself with my characters and feel like I have all the friends I need.
33. In real life, I don't actually, like, say anything. In general.
34. I always feel like I'm annoying when I chat to people a lot, even though I'm pretty sure they don't actually get tired of talking to me.
35. I don't get mad at people that are accused of doing something unless I know every tiny detail of every tiny everything.
36. There are no happier moments in my life than when someone messages me or leaves me a notification. Ok, maybe there's a few, but it's up there.
37. When I ask someone to tell me how they liked my story/drawing/etc., I'd almost rather them say they didn't like it because at least then I'd know they're telling the truth. But I don't really tend to care what other people think so it doesn't matter much either way.
38. I spend about an hour or two every night in bed thinking about my stories. Yes, that is when my stories form. And it's like... watching a movie, but better. Way, way better.
39. Actually, that comparison wouldn't say a lot because I don't really like watching movies much anymore. It's too... UNPRODUCTIVE. I COULD BE WRITING!!!
40. I don't like people who hate themselves. It's just, like, come on. Being arrogant is better than hating yourself. I think.
41. Schoolwork ruins my life... Not really. It's true it's the only stressful thing in my life that I can think of, but I think compared to public school, like, yeah... I don't want public school. Nnnoooooh.
42. I love RP. I'm surprised it took me this long to mention this subject.
43. I have about 999,999,999,999,999 gigawatts of energy that lasts somewhere around an infinite amount of time, so I'm always surprised when one of my friends says she's tired.
44. Despite what I often say, if you walked into my mind, you probably /wouldn't/ be traumatized forever. You would just start glowing radioactively with epic overload.
45. Touhou has the best music. Period.
46. Ten is the best Doctor.
47. Pinkie Pie is the best pony.
48. I hold Blue's Clues in high respect.
49. I'm actually sad that I'm running out of fact numbers, because, I could talk about myself forever. Because, you know, I'm just so amazing.
50. I like other awkward people because it makes me feel less alone. Well, on the Internet anyway, because when I try to talk to someone in real life who's as awkward as I am, it's just like...
Me: "So, yeah. I write books."
Person: "Cool."
//more silence/
51. If you give me a cupcake and ask me to throw it at you, I really don't know what I would do.
52. I used to want to go to London. Then I wanted to go to Japan. Now I want to go to Densetsu and fight evil and ride on giant birds and learn magic and hang out in a tower. And solve a murder mystery in a library, because that just sounds totally cool. I mean... even though that doesn't actually happen in that book. Actually, a murder would probably be scary. So, like, yeah.
53. I don't understand why people get all emotional over song lyrics. I'm much more emotional about instrumentals.
54. Shiro and Alice.
55. I just wrote 55 facts about me in about an hour. And I know #54 didn't sound like a fact, but it is.

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