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Daily Blog #153: Nuthin much just OH LOOK A NARWHAL

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

Hmph. No notifications.

I never get notifications anymore. ;-; Except from Brony.
//hugs Brony/

Well, I got one of my schoolbooks done today. XD
And I'm still way behind on all the others. =3=

//slaps myself/

Right, ok. What's up? My cat is sitting in the window.
I don't know. I felt like mentioning that.
I wrote more last night.
I love everyone. ;w; //hugs all my characters/
Shiro is so random. He just, like, ran off, with his arms out like an airplane.
And I'm like... DUDE. I DO THAT ALL. THE. TIME.
Seriously, that's how I run.

This morning I found a baby dragon in my back yard. He fits in my pocket. ;w; And he's purple.
He's kind of really ugly though.
I don't know what to name him.

So, like, yeah.


(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!