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Daily Blog #150: Everybodeh's Gone D:

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

WHEEEE! 150 daily bloogs. :D

Hey. Hey look.

Togami is a cat now.


He doesn't approve.


I had a really hard time getting the hair/fur color right.
I mean, really.
What color would you even call that?


...Actually, my friend had an answer for that question.

...It was interesting.


I also drew Lambda Six on his derpy Ryutori that doesn't fly.


Lambda Six is great. If you give him a chance, anyway. At first he seems boring and cliche, but he's not really. XD

Of course, there have only been two conversations with him in the book so far, so I guess it'll be easier to like him when he returns later. :T

...I'm sad.
All of the Otraken have to die at some time or another, because, like, they're the bad guys.
That's just kind of obvious.




//sobs in corner/

Ok, anyway.

I only have 7 more of the 24 member of the Otraken left to design. And only two of them who I don't know what they're going to look like.
The other five just haven't been designed yet because I'm too lazy. XD


//flails arms randomly/
//runs around room/

I don't know.


This morning I was Ciel. I got a hat that reminded me of his, so then I put on an eyepatch.

I took it off because it didn't look as good as Ciel. XD

Cosplays tend to look weird.

I watched the sub of Black Butler and not the (terrible) dub, and I listen to what they're saying... So in my mind I tend to automatically say "Ciel" and "Sebastian" in a Japanese accent.
So I think "Shieru" and "Sebasutian".
It's annoying. XD

:D I forgot to say what we did at Wednesnight church.
We spun.
The. Entire. Time.
Seriously. XD Karissa started spinning around in circles, and then I started doing it, and I never stopped. Eventually Abby came in and started spinning with us, and we continued spinning for about ten minutes. Then we went outside where there was more room and spun for about another ten minutes.

:D We're weird.

Abby says she got tired of medieval stuff. D: That makes me sad, because that's like, where half my life is.
//gets over it/

It keeps raining.
I wouldn't want to be a chicken in this weather.

I just suddenly ran out of planned storyline in Alpha/Omega. XDDD I was writing and writing and writing and writing and BOOM suddenly I don't know exactly what happens in chapter 9.

oh well.

gotta write gotta write gotta write

I just ran out of baby Ruths. Q_Q
But it's ok, I still have Musketeers. I'll eat them.


Tomorrow's the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special.

...I guess it's because I won't actually get to see it tomorrow. If I would, then I'd be happy.
I'm probably going to get it all spoiled to me before I get a chance to see it.

David Tennant.

//flips out/
//crashes into ceiling/

Ok, enough of that.

There's no one on Hatena Blog anymore. ;-;
Just Brony and I.
And Comet, whom, for some reason, I don't ever talk to. o3o
And there's the new person too who makes all these Homestuck references I don't understand.
Hi, new person.

;-; But I'm not kidding. There's no one here.

I guess 'Chelle is here sometimes. Sometimes.

Karu disappeared.
Right when I finally watched Dangan Ronpa. D: How sad for her. XD

I'm not sure PseudonyM has very much time anymore.

Bella. I can't find Bella. D':

I'll have to get Aurinko and Nightwish back on.
//nods determinedly/ THEY MUST RETURN.

As well as AlCapone. I got him to start a blog here but he didn't end up posting much. D:

Oh well.

Brony and I are all alone.

I should probably post this blog now. XD It just turned 5:00 PM.


(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!