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Daily Blog #137: Speaking Like a Sir

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I'm at my brother's house. =DDD
Sarah is playing Wind Waker.
That's, like... The coolest person ever, playing the best game ever.



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My friend, with perfect timing, just recently started posting Black Butler stuff.
This makes me happy. ewe

Like this.



What's up?
I'm a happy kitten.

I forgot to say what happened on Wednesday at the youth event thingy at the church.

Well. The only thing really worth mentioning was this thing they did near the beginning.
It was called Instahack. They had this kid, Gabriel, who had volunteered. They asked him questions, and every time he missed one, they would go through his Instagram and look at stuff. And then... they started leaving comments.
o3o The comments went way too far.
It was horrifying. :P My best friend was freaking out.

Oh, yeah.
Gabriel looked a whole lot like Justin Bieber, so they were trying to get him to sing Bieber songs. XDDD
He was like "Nuuuuuuuuuuuu"

So, in other words
It was... sad.


Aurinko and I had one of the best conversations ever last night.

Aurinko: Ah, DeAnna, let us talk like gentlemen for the time being. What say you?

Me: Agreed.

Aurinko: I am indeed grateful.
I must put into practice the art of language.

Me: True, true. This is the way that Shichiro uses language as well. I therefore need practice.
(Shichiro's the kid with the chair.)

Aurinko: I concur. It aides writing technique.

Me: I have a great urge to throw chairs at every gentleman who passes by.

Aurinko: This seems like an acceptable activity. Might I join you in this sport?

Me: Yes, you may.

Aurinko: Many thanks to you, sir.

Me: Thanks are not needed. *hands you a chair*

Aurinko: Ah, look there! He is indeed wearing a suit. Is he classified as a gentleman?

Me: Yes, I believe so.
You may proceed to throw the chair in his direction, if you so wish.

Aurinko: I thank you for this opportunity. I shall throw the chair in his general direction and hope to make contact with this fine gentleman.
//Throws the chair.
My my, spot on. I think you would agree that that was a fine shot.

Me: Yes, indeed it was. I don't believe he'll again be passing by the area anytime soon.

Aurinko: He should be thinking more than once about coming in the immediate vicinity.

Me: True, quite true. *hands you another chair*

Aurinko: My good fellow sir, there is another gentleman across the way. In good sport, it is currently your turn.

Me: Ah, yes. I thank you. I shall aim my shot directly at him and hope that my aim is true.
//Throws chair/
Yes, I believe I did quite well, didn't I?

Aurinko: I applaud your accuracy.
Splendid work. I believe he shall follow closely in the other gentleman's example and vacate this area.

Me: Indeed, I believe he shall.

Classy conversation right there. -w-


I think I had something else to say, but I can't remember.



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