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Daily Blog #120: Writiiiiiiing!

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

So... um...
What happened to Hatena Blog Weekly Topic?
Seriously.... It just... disappeared.

Oh well...


So, last night I sat down and organized the storyline of Alpha/Omega.
SERIOUSLY. THAT IS A BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT. QwQ Veeeerrrryyyy very very important.
It's the order of everything that happens, basically.
I'm happy that it all fits together into some sort of order. XD I wasn't completely sure that it very easily would.

I was depressed yesterday because I realized I have no friends. oAo
XD Not in real life. I'm homeschooled, live in an empty neighborhood, and have no relatives anywhere near my age. So, I'm like... the loneliest person in the world.
Good thing I don't care~
=D *plays with my fictional characters*

In January, I'll actually be going to a junior college thingy. There'll be... HUMANS there. Around my age and older, like, Sarah's age. I tend to make friends with people who are a few years older than me... XD
I don't know why.
I guess I've just got that much maturity~
//flails arms/ IMMA NARWHAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
//goes insane and runs around the room laughing maniacally/

So, yeah.
About Alpha/Omega.
...I'm dropping the manga.
I'm sorry.
(Read my blog two entries ago if you didn't see why.)
I'm going to try very much to make the book seem like a manga. Vivid descriptions and stuff like that~ and, as I said yesterday, I'm filling it with illustrations. -w-
It's true... It won't be much like the manga.


It'll be BETTER than the manga!!!

I hope. XD
I'm going to try. Veeeerrrry hard.
Next time I get a chance to talk to Sarah I'm going to ask her to critique my writing.
She has an English major~ She's a great writer.
I think I might ask my brother for help too.
His writing is...
So amazing...
We just don't connect much, so it's hard for me to ask him things. XD

So, um. Yeah. I need more help with my grammar.
I could just look it up. Or ask Sarah or my brother. But I might as well just ask here real quick and see if anyone knows. XD What's the difference between "among" and "amongst?" I mean, I'm pretty sure I always use them right, I'm just wondering what the specific rules are~
Like... I always had a feel of when to use "who" or "whom," even before I learned the actual rule.
Because... I'm magical~~~~~~~
Ahem. Right. Anyway.

I love writing.

So, yeah.
You should memorize the Greek alphabet.
Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, xi, omicron, pi, rho, sigma, tau, upsilon, phi, chi, psi, omega.
In ten years or so, when the entire Alpha/Omega trilogy is published, and it's all popular and stuff, the most hardcore fans will know the Greek alphabet by heart.
Because my fans are just awesome like that.
Well... will be.
I think.
I'll always have those imaginary hardcore fans.
At any rate, if you want to be able to understand Alpha/Omega the best you can, the Greek alphabet is REEEEEALLY nice to know. I'm not kidding, you'll want to at LEAST have a list at hand when you're reading it...
I'll include a list at the beginning of the book when it's published, how about that.
I must leave now... I have a book to write.
//skips off singing the Alpha/Omega main theme/

-Awesomely, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


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