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Daily Blog #119: Pronunciation...

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I posted an important update in my blog last night concerning Alpha/Omega, but it was kind of really late, so I don't know if anyone saw it... If you're at all interested in Alpha/Omega, you might want to find and read that.
Here's last night's blog entry~

To summarize it, though:
The entire Alpha/Omega trilogy could be WAY too long for me to draw the entire manga version. Seriously, at the rate I'm going, it could take me a decade or two to finish. Therefore I'm considering leaving the manga version for now and focusing on the book version.

T_T I don't want there to NOT be a manga form of Alpha/Omega... Cuz I can see it all in my head and stuff... >_<
Hopefully, I can be a good enough writer that it'll be almost the same. Cuz, it can be.

I'm sadded.

When I publish the book version, I'll very likely have a ton of illustrations throughout it. I don't care if pictures makes it seem more like a kid's book XD
Also, I'll be perfectly willing to make manga version of any part of the book that people want me to, just for fun, and post it on Internet. It's not like I can never draw ANY Alpha/Omega. XD

Hey. Hey guys.
Have you ever seen a chicken run at top speed?
Seriously. It's hilarious.
My chicken Ika runs with me sometimes. She doesn't do it very often anymore, but a couple days ago she ran really fast again and I remembered how hilarious it looks.
Their legs are so short. But they run as fast as humans. XD

I'm so behind on schoolwork. Q_Q I'm going to end up on restriction AGAIN.
It might be like this every month.

oUo Last night I worked on Zodiac Fearslayer some more. I got past the introduction of the book.
I cant wait to introduce the Fearslayer. He just rocks. XDDD
I hope the main character, Myron, gets a little more interesting than he is right now.
Cuz right now, he's boring.
I found out last night how to pronounce Myron's name.
His first name rhymes with "iron."
And his last name, Dragos...
It's pronounced "drag-gosh"
Yes, that's right. It's pronounced "sh." Not "s," but "sh."
That's stupid.
Seriously, why couldn't they just put an "h" at the end of the name?


Everyone's going to run around pronoucing it wrong. QAQ
When I name my characters, I usually stick to names that are really super obvious how to pronounce.
Because I hate it when I read a book, and I don't know how to pronounce the MAIN character's name.

Eragon is full of names and words that I can't pronounce. XDDD I only realized AFTER I finished reading it that there's a glossary at the end of the book.

As long as I'm at the subject of pronunciation, here's something I realized a while ago.
I don't usually pronounce my character's names with an American accent if they have a Japanese name. Because. American accents just ruin everything.
I do sometimes, though. And--
As you may know, Japanese doesn't emphasize any specific syllables in their words and names. So if you say a Japanese word with an American accent, you have to decide a syllable you're going to emphasize.
The name "Raibaru" is based off of the English word "rival," but spelled like a Japanese person would. (In Alpha/Omega, Raibaru's character was meant to be more of a rival to Katsu than he ended up being when I finished deisgning him.)
I forgot that though, and started emphasizing the second syllable, like most words in the English language. Since it's based off of the word "rival," though, the first syllable would be the one emphasized.
I hate it when I pronounce my own characters' names wrong.


-Unpronouncably, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


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