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Daily Blog #110: I'VE GOT YOU NOW.

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

oUo I got to see the 3D-ness of Pokehmun Y today, cuz my best friend Abby brought it to church with her and showed us.

I like teh 3D.

GUESS WHUT? ouo I just got six Likes on my Book of Face page in one day. XD Mostly because I just invited half my friends to it. 8P
XD It's so hard getting likes with this type of page. People aren't SEARCHING for an original writer or artist. So they're not gonna see my page by typing in the search bar. o3o
But still... I've got 57 likes now. It's not WAY too bad, I don't think.
I just want enough people there where I'll get more than two notifications a day... =3=

Dude. This box of Lunchables is messed-up.
It has mental problems.

He just showed me a picture from the anime Elfen Lied.
*traumatized for life*
Not kidding... He shouldn't have showed me that...


We were setting up who our characters were going to be for an RP. He said he wanted to RP as "Lucy". I was going to be Shiro, but I knew better than to RP as any character I cared about when it was with Boden, because he tends to be violent. I asked if Lucy was violent. And... he showed me... that picture...

Ok, I'm over it now. And I'm not using Shiro.


I likely won't be joining that RP at all.



What's wrong wiff yew.


Back to normal stuff.

oUo GUISE. GUISE. GUISE. I STARTED WRITING ZODIAC FEARSLAYER LAST NIGHT. I have like almost a page done. It's beautiful~
I know. I should be working on Inter-Dimensional Academy. Or Alpha/Omega. And I also said I wouldn't start ZFS until after I'd finished reading Archangel.
Which... I've only read two chapters of Archangel. The Internet was down both times. XDD
I have no time for anything...

Hey. I made a new profile picture for my Facebook page.


It was pretty quick and easy to make.
And I like it. Verrrrrry much.
ouo I'm working on a timeline cover, too.

:D I just grabbed some files from our main computer and sent them to my laptop. I'll be posting the pictures throughout the next few days.

Let's seeee...

Here's something I made back when I was obsessed with LoZ. Especially Four Swords and stuff.


Heheh. Wii remotes.
And badly-drawn pictures...


I think.

That's all I have to say.


Hey, guys.




-Freakily, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!