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Daily Blog #107: Bad Admin, you're not OCD! XD

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.


I (nearly) completed my Shiro cosplay outfit. Just need the shoes.
Yesterday I remembered that I had a white button-up shirt. And my mom just now brought me home a pair of white pants. I'd already bought a blue bandana a long time ago XD So I just need some white shoes that I can paint a blue stripe on, and it'll be perfect. =D


*laughs maniacally*

*looks at Buddha* Dude, you are ugly.

So. Yesterday I started composing a very epical creepy song. :D There's still no way to post my music on here though. D:

It doesn't seem like I have much epicness to write about anymore. oAo I wonder what happened...

Have some pie. =D




Look. =D Adorable little chibi Raibaru.
Hehehehehe XDDDDD

He really hates being chibi. ewe That's why I do it.

Last night I was at art class. Our hour-long art class before Wednesday night church.
I drew King Arthur on a horse. It was great. The horse was sticking its tongue out and galloping really funny, and Arthur's on it like "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and being a derpface. His crown says "I AM AWESOME" on it. And there's clouds and a pretty rainbow in the background.

Unfortunately they make us leave the notebooks there, so I can't show you the picture XD They'll probably let us have the notebooks when they're all filled. THEN I CAN SHOW YEW.

There's this Death the Kid roleplay page that I've liked for a long time. But I noticed that since the very beginning, Main Admin's slowly gotten kind of out of character. I know that Kid isn't ALWAYS 100% of the time freaking out about symmetry, but seriously... Main Admin hasn't said a thing about symmetry or asymmetry in FOREVER.
So he was asking the fans a couple days ago what he could do to make the page better, and I mentioned that he doesn't seem quite in character enough.
Main Admin replied,

"Yeah, well, always posting about asymmetrical things annoys me. Also, everyone wants to believe that Kid flips about EVERYTHING. Which is not true. In fact, in the manga, he ends up caring much less for it."
I knew that, but... People like Kid for his OCD. XD And really, like I said... It's just been forever since the page has said anything about symmetry.
BUT... I think he actually took my advice, because yesterday he posted,
The Facebook layout continue to be less and less symmetrical!"
XD So, I don't know. Maybe he took my advice, maybe it's a coincidence.

Anyway. I've never liked Main Admin, and it's NOT a really great roleplay page. I already knew that. Because, if you remember: My first Soul Eater RP with my character D.J. was with that DtK page. And I'd described my character very vividly-- not actually saying the word "aysmmetrical," but it's pretty obvious from reading her description.
Kid talks to her, like, "Oh. You're a weapon..."


I was thinking of getting my revenge by posting to his page and just saying
But I'm scared of Main Admin. XD It's super easy to get him annoyed, and he's been mad at me more than once.
*laughs maniacally*

*sigh* I have nothing else to write about. 8P
Oh well. XD


-Asymmetrically, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

*walks into Kid's house*
*tilts all of the paintings on his walls to be asymmetrical*

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!