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I'm DeAnna, a.k.a. D.J. Evans. I write stories, draw manga, and other stuff XD


HEHEHE. Bella inspired me. I'm going to make an epical quiz about myself~
You're allowed to research any of my 172 previous entries for answers, but good luck with THAT... XD
I tried to make it easy at first and then slowly get harder, but it ended up being a little mixed up. >w<
Write down your answers as you go. The correct answers are all written in white (invisible) font under each question... So when you're done and want to see them, higlight them with the mouse XD
Some of the questions will be way easy, but some of them will be haaaaard~ YOU READEH?!?!





1. What's my full name?
DeAnna Jean Evans
2. My writer/pen name-- with the correct punctuation?
D.J. Evans
3. What basic clothing do I always draw myself with?
Blue jeans, a green T-shirt, and a trench coat-- but you can get points by just mentioning the trench coat.
4. What's my favorite color?

5. Who is my favorite original character?
Shiro Mikochi
6. Who is my favorite anime character?
Death the Kid

My LEAST favorite anime character?
Clone Syaoran
8. What character am I recently obsessed with even though I'll never be able to play the game he's from?
Komaeda Nagito
9. Who's my favorite Vocaloid?
Kagamine Len... but not in that way...
10. What's my favorite food?
It's not waffles! It's sushi.
But somehow on the Internet I got known for waffles.
11. What's my favorite show that's not an anime?
Doctor Who
12. What was the name of my channel on FN Hatena?
Land of Epic Derp. Why do you think I named my blog that?
13. When did I get my DSi? And when did I post my first Flipnote?
Both on Christmas Day, 2012.
14. How many parts did the FN version of Alpha/Omega have before
I stopped?
15. What are the names of the four main characters of Alpha/Omega?

You don't have to remember last names, but: Katsu Masaru, Mithril Skywind, Shiro Mikochi, and Raibaru Isamuhiro.
16. What is my title/ranking in the Waffle Province?
Waffle Lord (Lord of All Waffles)
17. What is my domain in the Waffle Province? (Hint-- it's a place I conquered in an RP.)
The Evil Waffle Fortress of Imminent Death and Doom
18. What is the real name of the great Nicky from the Last Cookie?

19. What's my favorite Pokemon?

20. Who's my favorite human character from Pokemon?
21. ACHOO.
Bless you. (An answer such as "gesundheit" also works.)
22. What do I want everyone to be?
23. What's the name of my D&D character?

Lyesti Dwineplith.
24. What's the name of the British samurai?
25. Who is everyone and everyone is who?
Jenna is everyone and everyone is Jenna.
26. Who's my favorite Sword Art Online character?
Trick question. I've never seen SAO.
27. What is the full name of my character, Emrys?
Emrys Cal
ixtus Callistus-Ambrose
28. Name five of the stories that I've made (finished or permanently abandoned.)
Answers vary. Examples can include things I abandoned quickly or my old fanfictions.
29. Now name three that I'm working on.
Answers vary, but examples include Alpha/Omega, Inter-Dimensional Academy, Ever-Present Dreams, Zodiac Fearslayer, and Stories of the Epic World.
30. Are you awesome?
You can say "yes," but you get two points for using my catchphrase, "YOU sir ARE AWESOME."

Now... Tell meh your answers please =w= I LOOK FORWARD TO IT


*laughs maniacally*

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!