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Daily Blog #104: A Short Entry With Some Epicness

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I found a picture of N and Komaeda.


That's, like... Double the epic.

Oh, yeah. And this...



I'm trying to figure out how to draw wrinkles in clothing. STILL.
If I can figure that out, plus hands, then I'll be able to draw a "perfect" (to me at least) picture of someone as long as they're not actually posing. I'm still working on positions. :P
And a million other little random things.
Like, nonliving objects. And scenery. And perspective. And panel placement.
Once I get all that...
I'll still be a million miles away from how good I want to be. XDDD

*spins around*

Magician's Operation. The version that Karu has on her blog playlist.
The voice sounds like Shiro's. eUe
The music's a bit too hardcore to match him, but the voice is nearly perfect.

Anyway. I'm weird. ouo

I drew Shiro last night. But the picture gives away about a hundred million spoilers about his backstory in Alpha/Omega.

Like the fact that //whisper whisper whisper/

And //whisper whisper whisper/

T_T And //whisper whisper whisper/

But then //whisper whisper whisper/ =D


I haven't gotten to your request yet, but I will soon. XD Probably tomorrow, since I'm doing stuff today.

I'm going to my brother's house for D&D again. =D It shall be epic.

I'm making an epical quiz about...
I'll have that up by tonight, probably.


Yup, that's pretty much it.
Have a hipster Death the Kid.


He would never wear that, though. It's asymmetrical.

-Asymmetrically, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!