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Daily Blog #100: PARTEH




oUo *throws each person their own individual cake*

IT'S MER 100TH BLOOG ENTRY. HEHEHEHEHE *laughs maniacally*

I feel loved. Brony mentioned in her Haiku that this would be my 100th blog. QwQ *hugs her*
*proceeds to hug everybody*

-w- I love you all. *creepy*



I was on restriction for half a day today. XD I got September's work done.

Today's apparently Fullmetal Alchemist day.
My friend asked yesterday,
"What should I do for FMA day?"
My answer was
"Reenactment. Set fire to your childhood home. :D"

She did not approve.

After that I was going to say "Lose an arm and a leg" or "Put your brother's soul inside a suit of armor."
But I decided not to.


...For some reason or another the Language Arts book is the one I'm having the most trouble with... That's... ironic. o3o Cuz. You know. Me. Writer.
I think it's because I don't care a thing about where words CAME from, I just want to know how to USE them.
So yeah...

OH THAT'S LOVELY. *throws computer across the room*

If you're wondering why I just destroyed my computer, look for my Haiku entry starting with me sighing and facepalming and facedesking and all that. It's just got a slight PG rating, so I'm not saying anything up here.

Oh, great... It just turned into a gigantic religious debate.
Well, good thing I've got some pretty darn strong argument-ing ability in that department.

o-o Anyway.
That was awkward.

o3o What should I do today?
I want to swordfight someone. But the only person who's ever willing to swordfight with me is my best friend Abby. And we don't get to hang around together much at all.
Guess I'll just swordfight with my imaginary friends~
Oh, good. The Fearslayer just challenged me. =D Brb.
Wait. What weapon should I use? I forgot all of my swords were destroyed. All I've got now are two sai, some throwing discs, a nunchaku, and a scythe. o^o

I chose the scythe. But he beat me in like two seconds. o-o I need to practice with that...

Woah. *reads my paragraph*
I think I need a psychiatrist or something. Seriously.

Of course, I see nothing wrong with being insane.

*laughs maniacally*
*turns on Game of Life*
*laughs more maniacally*
*hugs nonexistent Komaeda plushie*

Karu's been brainwashing me lately.
It's fun.

*slaps myself* No DeAnna. You can't play that. It's about kids murdering each other and stuff.
*slaps myself again*

I wouldn't be able to play it anyway, I don't have a PSP and I'm not planning to get one anytime soon. XDDD

Like Wind Waker HD and not having a Wii U...

I didn't like Game of Life at first because the voice sounds like... a pony. A My Little Pony.
But then I got over it because of the song's epic awesomeness.

UH-OH. Someone with a bit of intelligence (but still no morals) joined the religious debate. I probably shouldn't do this alone. 0-0 ASDFGHJKL *reads every scripture in the Bible*

She refuses to listen to a word I say, and comes up with a stupid worldy excuse for everything.
Which, I've been able to counter everything until now. She just kind of... ended it, and I don't really have any hope with her.

I mean...
Arguing with an unbeliever halfway across the Internet. XDD

Anyway. That's all, I think. XDDD
*throws confetti at you all*

-Celebratingly, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

TASTE THE RAINBOW *eats confetti*

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!