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Daily Blog #97: Zodiac Fearslayer. And WRITING! And Stuff.

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

So... For some reason I'm no longer allowed to chat on Facebook except on weekends or something. I don't really get it. Mom says it's because I spend all day in the chatrooms, but...?
We barely ever talk in there. Maybe she thinks I spend all day in the chatrooms or something because I always have them open in case someone says anything... I have no idea. What REALLY bugs me about it though is that I think I'll almost never be able to talk to Aurinko. (We're really, really good friend now XDDD)

I think I might not have to unfriend Amber. At least that's good.

I really don't get what's going on though. I understand not being able to talk during school time, which is until 4:00 PM, but... Why wouldn't we be allowed to talk during free time? Like I said, I barely spend any time talking anyway.

Ok. XD I don't mean to sound depressing. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. oAo

HEY. If you don't know, yesterday I came up with an awesome awesome story idea. Like super-awesome. Actually, it started the night before, but there wasn't much to it yet.
It's called Zodiac Fearslayer. And it rocks. A whole ton of the story's already in my head. X3

Well, I designed the guy that the book's about, the Fearslayer, last night. And I thought he's really cool. And then not half an hour later, I see a picture that Brony posted...
I already did all of my ranting and raging last night, so I'll just laugh my head off about it now.
XDDD It couldn't have been more than twenty minutes after I'd finished designing the Fearslayer... I can't believe it. LOL


*rolls around on the ground for no apparent reason*

Apparently reading Archangel does my mind some good. I mean, I just came up with ZFS, like the day after I started reading.
Archangel's written in the style that I would love to be able to write in some day. So I've been trying to absorb the magic from it. ouo

In case you're curious, here's an update on all of the other books I've been working on recently.

Alpha/Omega: This is postponed until the end of October. I'll get back to it after that.

Inter-Dimensional Academy: This is top of my list right now. I SHOULD be working on it. XDDD It's why I'm delaying Alpha/Omega. But I just don't feel like doing it. LOL. I really, really should...

Ever-Present Dreams: I'll work on this after I've been back to Alpha/Omega for a while. It's not very high on my list.

Stories of the Epic World: I got a good, big start on the Last Cookie a few days ago, but haven't gotten back to it since. Who knows how high it is on my priority list. XD I truely have no idea.

Zodiac Fearslayer: I'm going to give myself a good long time to think about the storyline. It's not high on my priority list for physically writing it, but it's going to take up a lot of space in my mind. If that made any sense to you. XD
I think I'll start writing after I finish Archangel, because I need my writer-ness to be all charged up. XDDD If THAT made any sense to you.
(I think Zodiac Fearslayer will be a book, not a manga. I can only work on one manga at a time. Besides, books are just easier... And turn out better...)

So... yeah... I haven't been doing anything... XD I should...

*does Language Arts schoolwork* Schoolwork ruins my life. o3o I have better things to do than this... Really, when is my job going to depend on whether I know if the word "you" was considered more respectful than "thou"... six hundred years ago?

Ok, I guess I can't complain about Language Arts, considering I'm going to be a writer. This is one of the few classes that I actually approve of doing. XDDD But I really can't imagine algebra doing me that much good...

*spontaneously changes subject* Mom says that most writers, even good writers, go through-- I forget if it's one hundred or two hundred-- publishers before they get their book accepted, and just as many rejection notices. Oftentimes, the publisher doesn't even READ any of the book.
And if this is so, why are there so many lame, terrible books out there that actually managed to get published?

This confuses meh.

I have a secret plan, though. I'm going to be sneaky and make friends with a publisher. Then she'll WANT to read my books. Hehehe

So, yeah.
I really should post my books here occasionally. The only writing I've ever put up here is that one chapter of my Soul Eater fanfic, and that little part of the Tale of John a couple days ago.
I should post the first chapter of Ever-Present Dreams, but... I dunno. XD I guess I'll check it soon to make sure it's perfect.

I'm rambling again. :D I do that a lot lately. I need more different things to write about...

Oh well. Guess I'll end here. ^_^ Bye byeeeee~

-Ramblishly, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


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