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Daily Blog #95: Stories of the Epic World

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

My mom says I can keep Amber for a few days at least. QwQ Until she looks at our entire private chat and makes her decision.

"ESMEE". EMO ESMEE FROM FACEBOOK, REMEMBER HER? SHE SAID SHE GOT OVER HER DEPRESSION. SHE ACTUALLY SAID THAT. SHE SAID HER LIFE'S BEAUTIFUL NOW. She tagged several members of our group who had helped, and I wasn't there, but... Oh well... XD
Maybe she couldn't tag me just because I had blocked her posts from showing up. XDD

*celebrates and flails arms and throws confetti and turns into a Pop Tart and explodes and dies*

I like it when people are happy, can you tell? I'm like... this fairy of happiness or something.
No, that sounds stupid. Maybe like... THE LORD OF JOY.
Except I'm already the Waffle Lord, so, yeah. God can be the Lord of Joy.


*celebrates again*

Oh, hey. Apparently my DSi doesn't hold a charge anymore. XDDDD This is the third time now I've had it plugged in until it said it was finished, then turned it on a while later, and it goes red after like ten minutes. 8P It's not like I use it a lot (like, EVER) but still... that's kinda sad... XDDDDD

I use the XDDD face way to much. Dangit. I need to stop that. =.=

I use emoticons in general way too much. LOL

*looks at the clock* Oh. It's 2:00 in the afternoon and I haven't eaten anything. Lol. Well, I only woke up at like after 12.

I haven't been working on my manga. 8P But I've been doing more Japanese lessons. I officially memorized how to WRITE every hiragana (except "yu", that one's kinda hard and I forgot it XDDDD Seriously, try to memorize how to write ゆ in just half a minute and then remember it forever. XD)
I was thinking of bringing back my old unnamed book that I wrote a chapter of as a joke... XDDDD Last November, Sarah was talking about it being NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, where you're supposed to try to write an entire book in just one month-- November.) It was kinda in the middle of the month, so obviously I couldn't really participate, but my laptop was right there, so I brought up Notepad and proceeded to write:

   Once upon a time, there was a dude who lived in the Awesome Region. His name was John Bob Joe, and he had a borwn coat and a floppy hat. He liked cats and chameleons, and he liked to eat donuts and he liked to polka, but most of all, he loved practicing his magic.
   Of course, normal people usually can't use magic, but he came from a long line of wizards, who used to work under the kingly and queenly people. But then they quit and that was that.
   On some Friday, which, by the way, is called "Friday" because it is for a fact the warmest day of the week, he was practicing his Aero spells in his back yard, trying to learn how to fly. Just as he was getting tired of crashing on the ground and breaking various objects, suddenly a dark shadow whizzed across the village.
   John looked up and blinked in the bright sunlight to see a black figure above the eastern mountains. He got his pocket telescope out, and he looked through it toward the hills.
   It took him a minute to have the telescope focus on the black shape, as it was a very cheap telescope and he hadn't much practice in the thing. Finally, it focused, and John looked carefully to see a giant black griffin.
   "What's a griffin doing here?" he asked the thin air around him.
   The air did not reply.
   "Griffins have been extinct for centuries," John continued, "ever since the war between them and the dragons. And there has never been one of black! Surely, they could be purple or green or sky blue in color, but never black."
   Suddenly John noticed another figure, this one a white griffin.
   "And never white!!!" John yelled quite loudly.
   "Keep it down," yelled his neighbor. "You're always yelling about mermaids and chimaeras and such nonsense!"
   John reached toward his garden table to grab a pretzel, and watched the two griffins as they made threatening faces at each other and began to battle.
   Now, you may imagine a griffin trying to fight like a bird. But in reality, they use magic. Normally, a griffin will use either fire or ice, but these two were fighting with the pure essence of magic itself.
   "That's extremely powerful," said John, awestruck. "The normal way is to use magic power to, for instance, heat up the molecules around it and create a fire spell. But they're using magic itself to attack! That must take incredible amounts of energy!"
   Always the one to automatically run toward the action without hesitation or a single care about his well-being, John grabbed his bag of pretzels and raced off toward the eastern hills.
   Hopefully he'd come back in time to turn off the oven!

So. Yeah. XDDD It was just for fun, but yesterday I was thinking of continuing it. Recently I've been wanting to do a slight sort of Alice in Wonderland thing... A ridiculous, random, pointless... thing. And I realized that the story of John Bob Joe (which I just named the Tales of John) would be perfect for it.
AAAAAAND, not only THAT, but I decided that the story of John Bob Joe could be in the same world as the Adventures of Bob-- that is, the series that Last Cookie is in. (Last Cookie is actually still the only book in there, but I was planning to make more. XDDDD)
This give me motivation to turn the Last Cookie into a book version, like I do with all of my manga. OwO
I might also lengthen Bob's name to Bob John Fred. Who knows.
And of course, we can never forget the great leader of the ninja clan from Last Cookie...
I don't know why I just mentioned him. XD

Oh, the Cookie Radar...
The first Excalibur, as Sarah says. XDDDDDDD It's so dang random and weird. It's a cookie radar that Bob carries around with him throughout the Last Cookie, but it's got a talking AI. And it's just... yeah.

Hehe. Anyway. Now I'm in the mood for that series. I think the series will be given the name...

Stories of the Epic World.

A written book about stick figures. That'll be interesting. I'll betcha one like that's never been officially published before. X3

-Awesomely, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

"I am a Cookie Radar. I am also a llama
...I lied. I'm sorry!"

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!