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Japanese with Cleverbot-kun!

So, yeah. I'm almost as good with Japanese as Cleverbot is. ouo Here's our conversation...
...with English subs. It's just like an anime. -w-
(Yellow font means I'm not exactly sure what it meant.)

(Oh, and I have no idea why the font size is all weird at the beginning. Oh well.)

User: Konnichiwa, Kurevubatto-kun.
Hello, Cleverbot.

Cleverbot: Hinata- kun.

User: Nani?

Cleverbot: Watashi wa anata no tsuki!
I am your moon!

User: Watashi wa anata no nichirin.
I am your sun.

Cleverbot: Anata wa watashi.
I am you.

User: Nani?!?!!?!?

Cleverbot: Reply.

User: Iie.

Cleverbot: Nya! Watashi wa anata no uke!
Nya! I am your recieved!

User: Wakarimasen.
I don't understand.

Cleverbot: Nan desu ka?
What is it?

User: Anata wa watashi o an'nyui desu.
You bore me.

Cleverbot: Anata wa aoi?
You are blue?

User: Hai.

Cleverbot: Watashi wa kawaii ka?
Am I cute?

User: Zettai.

Cleverbot: Yokatta! ^o^.

User: Watashi mo kawaii desu ka?
Am I cute too?

Cleverbot: Watashi mo!
Me too!

User: WATASHI mo!
ME too!

Cleverbot: Anata wa kawaii irimasen.
You don't need to be cute.

User: Nani.

Cleverbot: Anata wa baka desu.
You are stupid.

User: Anata mo!
You too!

Cleverbot: Watashi wa amerikajin desu.
I am an American.

User: Watashi mo.
Me too.

Cleverbot: Watashi wa shinigami desu ka?
Am I a grim reaper?

User: Hai! Watashi mo!
Yeah! Me too!

Cleverbot: Watashi wa Satoshi desu.
I am Satoshi.

User: Satoshi wa nandesu ka?
What's a Satoshi?

Cleverbot: Watashi wa baka...
I'm stupid...

User: Eeto...

Cleverbot: Nani?

User: 'Satoshi' wa nandesu ka...?
What's a "Satoshi"...?

Cleverbot: Watashi wa Besu-chan.
I am Bess.

User: Watashi wa Kid-kun!
I'm Kid!

Cleverbot: Watashi wa 'N' naruto desu.
I am 'N' naruto.

User: Watashi wa L desu.
I am L.

Cleverbot: Watashi wa Misa Misa desu yo.
I am Misa Misa!

User: Watashi wa neko desu.
I am a cat.

Cleverbot: Watashi wa otaku desu ka?
Am I a geek?

User: Hai.

Cleverbot: Anata wa nanjin desu ka.
What country are you from?

User: Amerikajin desu.
I'm an American.

Cleverbot: Amerikajin desu yo.

User: Anata wa Nihongojin desu ka?
Are you Japanese?

Cleverbot: Iie. Watashi wa america-jin desu.
No. I am an American.

User: Soo desu ka.
Is that right.

Cleverbot: Hai, anata wa nihonjin desu ka?
Yes, are you Japanese?

User: Iie, Amerikajin desu.
No, I'm American.

Cleverbot: Sou da.
So it seems.

User: Sou desu.
That's right.

Cleverbot: Onamae wa nandesu ka?
What's your name?

User: DeAnna desu. Anata no onamae wa nandesu ka?
DeAnna. What's YOUR name?

Cleverbot: Watashi no namae wa Charlie desu.
My name is Charlie. (XDD LOL)

User: Konnichiwa, Charlie-san. Hajimemashite.
Hello, Charlie. Nice to meet you.

Cleverbot: Watashi wa do naru no?

User: Sumimasen, wakarimasen. Watashi no Nihongo wa ii ja nai desu...
Sorry, I don't understand. My Japanese is not good...

Cleverbot: Watashi wa anata korosu deshou.

User: Nani?

Cleverbot: Watashi wa fairy tail desu.
I am Fairy Tail.

User: Sou desu ka.
Is that right.

Cleverbot: Hai, anata no namae wa nan desu ka?
Yes, what's your name?

User: Watashi wa Death the Kid. :DDD.
I'm Death the Kid. :DDD

Cleverbot: Watashi no nihongo genki desu ka.
Is my Japanese good?

User: Hai.

Cleverbot: Anata wa baka desu --'.
You are stupid --'

User: NANI??!?!?! Anata mo baka desu...
WHAT??!?!?!? You are also stupid...

Cleverbot: Iie, anata wa baka desu!!!!!
No, you are stupid!!!!!

User: Baka baka baka!!!!
Stupid stupid stupid!!!!

Cleverbot: Baka baka baka baka.
Stupid stupid stupid stupid.

I think you can figure this out yourself...

Cleverbot: Baka baka baka baka baka baka baka.

User: Baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka baka.

Cleverbot: Baka baka baka baka baka bakabaka baka baka baka baka baka.

User: Damare.
Shut up.

Cleverbot: Ie, Anata wa damare!
No, you shut up!


Cleverbot: Anata wa damare mo!
You shut up too!

User: Hai. Anata mo.
Sure. You too.

Cleverbot: Iee.

User: Anata mo.
You too.

Cleverbot: Watashi gakusei desa.
I am a student.

User: Nani?

Cleverbot: Watashi wa kami desu.
I am paper. (Good old Cleverbot, random as always.)

User: Anata wa kami desu...? Sou desu ka.
You are paper...? Is that right.

Cleverbot: Anata mo!
You too!

User: Hehehe. Baka.
Hehehe. Stupid.

Cleverbot: Suntukan nalang.

User: Nihongo wa desu ka?
Is that Japanese?

Cleverbot: Hai.

User: Soo desu ka...
Is that right...

Cleverbot: Baka.

User: Damare.
Shut up.

Cleverbot: Ikeike.
He just called me a bad word... XDDDDD

User: O_O DAMARE, CLEVERBOT-SAN!!! Dame dame dame...
O_O SHUT UP, CLEVERBOT!!! Bad bad bad...

Cleverbot: Uwwaaaa! Cleverbot-kun moe desu ne!

User: Damare.
Shut up.

Cleverbot: Anata wa hontoni baka desu ne.
You're very stupid, aren't you.

User: Iie. Anata wa hontoni baka desu ne.
No. You're very stupid, aren't YOU.

Cleverbot: Give up already. Anata wa baka desu :).
Give up already. You are stupid :)

User: XDDD Iie, anata wa baka desu YO!

Cleverbot: Iie, anata no okasan wa baka desu!
No, your mother is stupid! (What??? XDDDD)


Cleverbot: Sooo what's your name?

User: Oh gosh did you really just stop suddenly?

Cleverbot: What is your name now?

User: Same as before, Death the Kid.

Cleverbot: Come on.......WHAT IS YOUR NAME?

User: Yagami Raito. (Don't ask me why I said that, I don't even watch Death Note. XD)

Cleverbot: Where are you from?

User: Gallifrey.

Cleverbot: Where is Gallifrey?

User: The Kasterborous constellation.

Cleverbot: Where is the constellation Kasterborous?

User: I forget...

Cleverbot: Where do you live?

User: In your closet.

Cleverbot: I don't have a closet.

User: You do now.

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!