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Daily Blog #93: Doodle Wars

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

Oh how the English language changes.

Perfume used to be called toilet water.

Anyway. What's up? I accidentally started writing an epic song. XD Two, actually. I love it when I do that. QwQ I really wish I had a way to post my music here. o^o I tried to put my music up on SoundCloud a while ago, but only one of them would load. I don't know why. >n< I'll be trying again soon, I guess.


Aurinko told me about doodle wars. Where one person draws something, and the other person tries to kill it with their own drawing, etc.
So I tried it with my friend Karissa.
It started with her drawing a tree. I tried to kill it with a giant hungry squirrel. Karissa protected her tree with a wall of flame. So I tried to extinguish the flame with a stick figure dude shooting it with a squirtgun. In an epic pose. And then Karissa froze him in a block of ice.
After the war was over, that was our favorite part of it all, so Karissa added the caption: "I don't always get frozen in a block of ice, but when I do, it's in an epic pose."

And then we started another doodle war. Because awesomeness.
Here's how THAT went: I drew myself flying through the air with wings. Karissa drew herself shooting a hole through my wing, so I started to fall. I drew Katsu below me so he could catch me. And then...
Karissa distracted him with the Caramell Dansen.


And then another one of my characters, Midori, slapped him. And Karissa drew a pirahna biting her hand.

I traced that part of the war. But for some reason the computer that's connected to the scanner is off. So I can't show you right now.


Katsu doing the Caramell Dansen is wrong. It's just wrong.



So, yeah...
At Wednesday church last night... It was Activity Night. Which is usually a very good thing. Games and candy and stuff.
You know what we did last night?
On a related note, I have a new doll noose.
No, not really. It fell out of existence.

Anyway. Karissa hated it as much as I did, so we started another doodle war. My best friend Abby joined in. =D We fought with our OCs. So I ended up using Shiro, Deejay, a Baunsuneko, Lambda Six's Ryuutori, and a ninja. Because ninja.
The picture with Deejay was hilarious. She was gnawing on the head of one of Abby's characters.

O_O Abby recently made up two of the awesomest characters EVER. Seriously. One character, Nobody, who makes people not exist, and Somebody, who makes them exist again.
TuT She's great at designing characters.

I have a character named Nobody. But he's not nearly as cool as Abby's Nobody.

Abby told me to design some characters for the next doodle war so we can gang up against Karissa. >=D Even though I have over 200 characters and Karissa says she has about three. XDD

Ok. Enough about doodle wars. I'm probably boring you.
Not like I care. >w< I WRITE WHAT I WANT.

Oh. Speaking of my Nobody-- his full name's Nobody Specific--
Anyway, I told my mom about Nobody, and about how in the manga he's in, it's like:
"Who are you?"
"Seriously, I asked, WHO ARE YOU?"
So after I told my mom about that, she showed me the comedy skit Who's in First.
X3 It's the same type of pun.

*flails arms*
I keep doing that. I got it from Aurinko. It's addicting.
*flails arms more and runs in circles*

Here's a very old flipnote of mine. It's the favorite of many of my fans. -w-
Sorry you can't see all of the frames when the first stick dude goes berserk... XD Oh well. (If anyone wants me to write down everything he says, tell me.)


And since you can't see the very last frame of the flip, which is the REASON that it's the favorite of many of my fans... Here it is.


Yup. Everyone loved that picture. XDDD

Oh, wow. I turned on the computer at like 12. Now it's already 1:45. o-o'

>w< I should do schoolwork. Bye byeeee~

(D.J. Evans)


Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!