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Daily Blog #92: My Epical Dreams

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

\(^u^)/ Yayyy! I had an Alpha/Omega dream last night. That makes me happy.
But Shiro was off doing something else... So I didn't get to see him much...


I love dreams. I LOVE DREAMS SO MUCH.
Emrys is from a dream, you know that? He's the only thing in any of my books to be inspired by a dream.

o3o My dreams never have ANYTHING to do with what I did, saw, or thought about that day. Seriously. Back in my Zelda phase, when I thought about LoZ EVERY SINGLE MINUTE (It was an insane and hopeless phase, believe me) you know how many Zelda dreams I had? In that entire two years or so? Maybe five. Ten at the VERY very most. It just never happened.

...And yet, when I was at the peak of my Doctor Who phase, I was having DW dreams left and right... XDDDD

I don't have anything else to say, so I might as well make this blog post about my dreams.

My dreams are super realistic. And they have AMAZING storyline (well, for dreams, anyway.)
When I was little they were just like anyone else's dreams. Then I think I kind of had a time, like maybe a span of a year or two, when I barely EVER had/remembered any of them. That was sad. But then they came back, as amazing as they are now. QwQ
I used to constantly dream I was someone else, or I would be seeing myself third-person. And I would never have control of my actions. And they were super cartoony and unrealistic and had terrible storyline. That all changed, though. My dreams now are ALWAYS first person, I'm almost always myself, and I can think very clearly.

The storyline in my dreams is usually pretty legit. And they almost always have action. I actually love what most people think of as nightmares, because nightmares have the best storyline and are the most exciting. >w<

In dreams, I can taste things. And feel pain. Definitely can feel pain. I don't mind it though... I actually like it very much that it's that realistic. XDDD

A while ago, I had a super-duper insanely unbelievably realistic dream. Like... LOOK AROUND YOU. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW REALISTIC IT WAS. OK?! I'M NOT KIDDING. I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING. IT WAS AS REALISTIC AS REAL LIFE. I don't know how to make you believe me, but it was AS. REALISTIC. AS. REAL. LIFE. YOU GET IT?
I "woke up" in one of the houses we used to live in. I knew immediately it was a dream because I woke up staring at the fishtank of my late fish, Prince. And he was swimmin around in there just like he always did. So I got up and looked around. There was my room, not a single detail missing. I couldn't believe how realistic it was. Even things I would never have been able to remember were right there.
I actually started out feeling tired from just "waking up", and slowly got more and more awake as the dream went on. That's how realistic it was.
I could think just as clearly as any day in real life, but my mind started to glitch out a little when I walked into the room that had the kittens back then. (Splash is the daughter of our old cat, Patches. There were three kittens.) I couldn't quite figure it out, and I thought that they were Splash's kittens (yes, she had kittens too later on) but that didn't make any sense to me because of, things. My mind also wasn't able to quite realisticly recreate life forms. That's why when my mom entered the dream, it kinda glitched out again and I woke up. XD

Ok. I'm done talking about dreams now. BYYYYEEEE~

-Weirdly, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

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