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Daily Bloog #90 and a half. Wut? XD

Konnichi-- *gets weird looks from people* Ok, so I felt like making another daily blog since I got back home. -w- I do what I want. I know, it's almost midnight. XD Whatever.

We just got back from D&D~ Ok, well... Pathfinders. We switched to Pathfinders. That makes me sad, but...

Actually, this version is a bit easier to understand, I think. XD It's still complicated.

So. Today we battled a whole lotta flying hammers. And a golem made out of masks. It was aweshum.
Some hammers were gigantic blacksmithing mallets, some were a swarm of jeweler's hammers. That's kind of like... a whole ton of pokes. XDD
We didn't get to introduce Sarah's character, Tsukiko, until almost the end of the day. She's a kitsune. A fennec fox kitsune. So she's adorable. -w- It was kind of hilarious. My character, Lyesti, likes animals and stuff (obviously, she's an elf XD) so while Tsukiko was talking, Lyesti just sort of started... petting her. XDDD So Tsukiko was kinda weirded out by Lyesti at first, but now she's kind of happy with her. >w<
Kitsune are afraid of canines, though, so... We all know it's going to be hilarious when Tsukiko finds out that Lyesti's a wolf druid. XDDDDDDD *starts laughing maniacally*

I really need to get better at roleplaying in real life. My brother and my mom keep telling me that I need to get my character to do stuff, say stuff, and... stuff. XD But I'm really silent in real-life RPs. Not like Internet.
I'm getting better at it, though. I mean, obviously. I started petting Sarah's head, as you may have guessed. XDDDD
I also ASKED, without the DM suggesting it, if I could do a Nature check to free Silver (my mom's character) from a tree that grabbed her. So, I'm actually thinking and doing stuff now. X3 Still need practice though.

*returns to Facebook* OH LOOK!!!!!! MORE DRAMA. =D WHO WOULD HAVE EVEN THOUGHT!!!!
I learned something about myself. Someone can try as hard as they can to make me dislike someone, but I ain't doin it unless I TALK to that specific person and I find a reason to dislike them.
I guess that's a good thing. >w<

OH YAY. I get to play Minecraft with one of my FB friends. This is my first time playing with someone I don't actually know in real life. XDDD I'm not usually allowed on multiplayer servers.

*plays Minecraft*

Ok, well, we didn't actually do a lot. 030 Oh well. XD
Someone had made, like, this platformer thing. I almost got to the top a few times. XD The last time I almost got to the top, my friend teleported me out and that was the end of that. >w<


Meh. Time fo bed. :P

Bye byeyeeeyeeyeyeyyeye

(D.J. Evans)

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