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Daily Blog #86: Random Long Boring Post XD

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

Hehe, this is bloog number 86. ewe

I'm pettin my adorable kitteh. She's in my lap. QwQ She's being derpy today. It's adorable.

*attempts to talk like pirate*
*fails miserably and ends up with a British accent*



I should be the awesome person who writes her entire blog in pirate lingo, but I'm not. Even as much awesomeness as I may have, there is a limit.

Soooooo... ewe

If you didn't see last night's blog entry--... I'M BAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggles you all* QwQ I won't leave you ever again.

Since I'm off of restriction, I'm allowed to go to church again. ^u^ I went last night in the best of my '80s clothes. I hugged my best friend, and she's like  "IT'S SO NICE TO SEE YOOOOOOOOOOoooooooouuuuuuuu in your hippie outfit..."

>w< I love my '80s clothes. It fits my personality so well. ewe People look at me funny. It's awesome. XD

David Tennant did an audio book of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He could read the dictionary and I'd probably listen.

That was random. Anyway... I have schoolwork I should be doing. >w< At least it's easy schoolwork. *pulls out schoolwork and does it while I blog*

I'm hungry. There's nothing to eat. o^o
*looks through fridge*
*looks through cupboard*
*lowers standards and repeats*
*ends up with a banana and peanut butter*
After all thaaaaat... =.=
*puts it between bread*
THERE we go. =D I forgot those existed...

I think I'm the only person in the world who dislikes Disney. o^o
But then I say that, and people are like, "What about Pirates of the Caribbean? Or Kingdom Hearts?!"
And I'm like... *cries* "YUSH. I LOVE THEM BOTH."

But I still don't like Disney... Q^Q

Someone told "Esmee" (My code name for the emo girl on FB, remember her from before?) Anyway, after that huge dramatic emo speech yesterday, someone told her stuff. The same stuff that I've been trying to convey to her for a loooong time. She just admitted that he's right... So... I really, REALLY hope she changes soon... Q_Q I just don't like to deal with her anymore. And I want her to be happy. >n< I have a feeling that she's not changing, though.

ewe So... I'll likely be working on that manga soon. I SERIOUSLY need to give it a name... XDDDDD Which means I have to give the academy a name, which shouldn't be TOO hard...

I think Liien will end up being the main character (if there IS a main character. XDDD) Anyway, she'll at least be the first character introduced in the book, so I won't really have to worry too much about introducing her before I cosplay as her for Halloween. XDDD I just have to START the manga before then... Q_Q

I feel horrible about leaving Alpha/Omega for a while. >n< But this new manga has priority for the next month or so. Q-Q

*does schoolwork* This is incredibly boring... Why am I even doing this...
Oh, yeah, because if I don't finish this month's schoolwork by the end of the month, I go on restriction again...


There are two people on my Facebook page that actually Like the pictures and updates. XD They make me feel a little less ignored.
YOU guys, however, are great. I may only have 25 subscribers here (as compared to Facebook, which has 46) but you guys ACTUALLY pay attention to me and my posts. XDDD THANK YOOOOOUUUU. I think if I only had my Facebook page, I would be insane by now. They ignore meh. XD

Maybe it just proves that I'm meant to be a writer and not an artist. ^_^ I post my drawings there, and I write here.

Hehe, I'm rambling. 490

I miss RPing. I need to do that. oAo But none of my friends whom I have RPs with right now are online. *dies*

Where is my cat...?

Oh, there she is. =D She discovered my closet, and it is now her new fortress. >w< Aweshum. I might join her.

This pencil is out of graphite. Q_Q
Oh hey. Here's a drawing tip for you. USE MECHANICAL PENCILS. I haven't touched a wooden pencil in forever. They're evil. They get all dull in like ten seconds. T_T

How the heck do you pronouce "Cyrus"? I usually say "SY-res", but... I don't know... o^o It's just the awesomest name ever and I want to pronounce it right. >n<

I'm practicing spinning my plastic scythe around in a vertical circle in front of me in that awesome way. I'm getting better at it.

As soon as I get a bit farther in this schoolbook, I'ma start writing out the storyline of my new manga... ewe



...Like I said... Grammatically OCD... o3o

If anyone could tell me the difference between "farther" and "further", that'd be cool... Or else, it's fine, I'll just sit here and die from my misery...

Hehe, I just got distracted by Cleverbot.

Cleverbot: Are you real?
Me: No.
Cleverbot: What are you?
Me: A writer.

I'm now singing the Pokemon theme with him.

I should be doing stuff. XD

I love talking philosophy with Cleverbot.

Cleverbot: Where have you been?

User: The question is 'when?'.

Cleverbot: That is the question.

User: To be or not to be.

Cleverbot: That is the question.

User: That is the question indeeeeeed.

Cleverbot: The question is what is the question?

User: The question is to be or not to be.

Cleverbot: That is the question.

Hehe. We just had a wizard's duel. >w< I won.

GYAHH. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. Another person in the Facebook chat being emo. A new one. I can't even believe this. I just want to be done dealing with these people. But I can't, because there are some GOOD people there. Plus, some of them kinda need me.

>n< I wish I wasn't so embarassed to talk about God. These people seriously need Him, but I tried it once and got told very loudly to shut up. It's tough. >_< I'm not hurt or anything when someone halfway across the Internet tells me to shut up, I really don't care a bit... But it just means that he didn't listen to me, so... yeah. That's sad.

That kinda reminds me. I'm going to be writing a Christian manga. It might sound like it's gonna be all preachy and stuff, but it's seriously not. It has an epical storyline, awesome characters and stuff, and it'll be interesting, but it'll also be talking about some seriously real and important things, like Hell. o3o Some people are reached in different ways, so... *shrugs* Maybe I can help someone out by doing what I do best...

Merrrrr. I need to focus on schoolwork. XDDDD At least today I've almost finished this month's history work. Just a little mooooooorrrrre... Then I'll actually feel accomplished today. >w<
Mom's not happy that I'm playing around online. XD I JUST NEED A BREAK AFTER RESTRICTION FOR THREE WEEKS 030 And no Internet for nine days. 490 It's not like I'm not working.

"Sorry, can't chat right now. I'm talking to myself, some imaginary friends, a couple book characters, and an AI."

I should have someone in one of my books say that. It's exactly what every writer goes through.

I'm going to start writing out the storyline of my new manga now. =D
And... I'm finally going to name it. XDDDDD

I've been writing this entry since like 12:00. It's 4:30 now. XD I really should post soon, because I'm outta things to say.


-Merrrr, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


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