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Only... only three notifications?... Q_Q Besides a new subscriber, the other two were both from Brony. Thank you Brony... T_T At least I'm not completely ignored. *hugs Brony* If it weren't for you I would have only had one notification. That would have been depressing. LOL

I'm eating ice cream. ewe Cookie dough ice cream. So... all's good in my life now.

My grandma was over a few days ago. We were talking about my restriction, and she's like, "Well, you might not be old enough to understand it now, but..."
Me: "I understand it..."
Grandma: "Well, some day you'll be glad that your mom put you on restriction."
Me: "O...ok. *smile and nod*"

O3O Look! Imma five-year-old who thinks I should never be disciplined! <(^O^)> *waves arms around wildly*


Today, though, I actually learned something very interesting in Engrish.
You might (or might not) know that I recently made up a word: "amn't". It's the contraction of "am" and "not". Seriously, it was just a word that needed to be invented.
But I found out that there used to be a word just like that. The word was "an't" and was the exact same contraction that I'd made.
People started abusing it so much, though, that educated people started avoiding it.
Oh, and by the way, that word, "an't"? It's now spelled and pronounced "ain't".

Yup. Now you know the origin of an indecently abused slang word. That is your grammaring lesson for today. Bye-bye.

Anyway... ewe I also learned where the word "chairman" came from. In medieval conferences, the only person privileged to sit in a chair was... well, the chairman. >u<

o3o I usually go to Facebook first, and do all my stuff there, and then come to Hatena Blog. But I haven't gone to Book of Face yet because it's been like 9 days since I left, and... There'll be SO MANY DANG THINGS I have to read... Q_Q Ok, I know most people don't ACTUALLY look through EVERY single thing that's posted.
...But I do. I DON'T WANNA GET LEFT OUT ON SUMTHIN AWESHUM. >w< Like the awesome Soul Eater drawings one of my friends does.
Oh, yeah, I also have to know what's going on in case one of my friends decides to be emo. It's harder to use my rainbows on them if I don't know everything they've posted.

I wonder how everyone is now. O_O Considering I was like, the only happy person there to clean up the mess, I bet they've all emo-ed EVERYWHERE. It's probably disgusting. I need to go to Facebook and rescue everyone, NOW.

*goes to Facebook*

My news feed. Is going to be so. dang. full.

*scrolls down at a high speed for several minutes* Er mah geeeersh. What kind of party have these people been having while I've been gone.


*spontaneously changes subject* I was watching something last night that made me think...

You are trapped in a dark room that is filled with your worst fears. Eventually you figure out that everything is an illusion, and that there's absolutely nothing in the entire room that can actually hurt you in any way. How do you feel?

As for me, after figuring out that it's just illusions, I'd probably just hang out with my eyes and ears closed and wait around for someone to let me out. If no one lets me out, I'd start looking for a way out myself.
Then again, I might just look around, curious what my worst fears are. XDDDD


Hehe. I actually love Slendy. >w<
*thinks* Hm. My worst fear (or most loathed being) may be Clone Syaoran of Tsubasa. *shudders* I will never forgive you...


Um, yeah.

I drew an aweshum picture of Emrys~ I still haven't posted the original concept picture of him. XDDD I really should do that.

I also have a picture of Pen that I never scanned into the computer and finished.
And I have an epical picture of Mithril that I never posted.
And, like... a zillion other pictures. XDDDD

...There are just these times when I'm writing a blog, and I feel like I can't write, because I have so much I want to say that I can't say anything. XDDDDD (Yet I have a feeling this is still going to be a long blog.)

I gave up on the news feed thing. There's way too dang much to read. o3o I need to go read people's blogs... that's what I need to go do...
OH YAY AURINKO POSTED SOMETHING. XDDDDD I haven't been able to talk to her in forever because of restriction. o[]o WE NEED TO GET BACK TO OUR RP OF AWESOMENESS.

I haven't given much thought to what I'm gonna be for Halloween this year. oAo Mom doesn't like me to go trick-or-treating anymore, but cosplaying is still, like, the awesomest thing ever in the world. XDDDD
Unfortunately, mom won't let me cosplay as a guy, and there are ABSOLUTELY NO awesome female anime characters. All of my favorites are guys. All of them. o^o I wanna be Crona. But mom would not approve. o3o
If all else fails, I suppose I could be a ninja. Or I could be Midori from Alpha/Omega, but no one has any idea who that is yet and won't for a long time. XDDDD Ooh. I could be Mithril... I suppose a long white cosplay wig wouldn't be TOO hard to find. How much do those usually cost...?
*looks through list of original characters* I have some characters that are based of of me, with short brown hair and stuff, so those wouldn't be too hard... XD

Ooh, I could be Yumiko! ^_^ I'd just have to make orange streaks in my hair.

Oh, hey. I got a plastic scythe. It rocks. ^u^ I feel like Maka when I wield it. Hehehe.
And no, Maka's not part of my cosplay list. I don't like her much. :P

*continues to look through original characters*  Hahaha Thief. She's interesting. XD
Hm... OOH. PHI NINE. Again, though, no one will have any idea who she is for a long long time. XDDD And it'd be really hard to do. And she's kinda pointless without Chi Nine.

Ha, Data. She's from a book that'll never get posted, but all I'd have to do to cosplay as her is put on my denim trench coat, a green t-shirt, some blue jeans and boots. She's another character based off of me. X3 And my clothes.

Hahahaha. Drinn the Dramatic Girl whose Hair Always Blows in the Wind. I really should continue that book. XDDD
...Getting distracted...

OH!!! Nan. I designed her before I cut my hair, but when I cut my hair, it started doing the EXACT same thing that Nan's does. XDDD It flips out at the end when it's not in a ponytail. It's funny. >w< She's be easy to cosplay as. I just need neko ears, a short, light blue dress, and probably long brown socks or something. But... I don't really like her enough. :\ Oh well, she'll be on my list of last resorts.

Hahaha. I am so organized. ewe

OOOOH. Liien. My very first original character I ever designed. ewe I'm exactly her age now. If I do it any time, it'd have to be this year... Q_Q We look enough alike... I should, I really should... XDDDDD
NOW I REALLY WANT TO START THE MANGA THAT SHE'S IN. If I start now, I might be able to introduce her before Halloween comes. She's introduced really, really close to the beginning of the story (might even BE the beginning. Lol. I haven't decided who's the main character yet...)
So... If I'm able to do that... And... Ooooooh......... *thinking sounds*
Man, I've been rambling a lot. So much fun. XD I'm killing you all with boredom. LOLZ

But what I think I might do is start that manga, so that you guys will know who she is... AND THEN I'LL COSPLAY AS HER, AND YOU WON'T BE 100% COMPLETELY CONFUSED.

YAAAAAY! It works!!!

She's in the manga that I've been talking about. Yeah, that one. The one with Emrys, Medea, and all those other random characters I made.


I like cosplaying, have you noticed?

I has to go to bed now. oAo Gewdniiiiiight... *brain gets distracted* HEHEHE... I'M BACK FROM RESTRICTION... YAY!!! TOMORROW WILL BE THE EPICEST DAY IN SEVERAL MONTHS. DA STRESS ISH GOOOOONE. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'MMA PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!
...Unlike "Esmee", who just posted a gigantical, outrageously dramatic story about her cutting and considering suicide. And... *remembers* THAT'S why I unfriended her a long time ago... Sheesh. She's the one person whom I haven't been able to fix with my rainbows. =3= I'm done with her...

It's not like I know her outside of Internet anyway. XDDD

Sorry to end the blog on a depressing note. I didn't mean to do that. oAo On the flip side, she's the only person emo-ing on Facebook right now. XDDD Everyone else seems good. I think. I haven't gotten a chance to talk to anyone else. X3 Guess we'll find out tomorrowwwwww~

-The story continues...

(D.J. Evans)

♪THIS IS HALLOWEEN LALALALA LALALA LA LALA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE LOL *sings maniacally* MER MER MERRRRRRRRR

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!