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Daily Blog #83: Alpha/Omega has a sub title now! =D

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.


Anyway...What's up? I'm bored. :D

Well, not really. It's just that the chatrooms on Facebook have all died. D:

I should work on Alpha/Omega. >w< But I don't feel like it. Sorta.

I'ma confused person. =D


I've been thinking of giving Alpha/Omega a sub title for a while, since "alpha and omega" is just kind of a *thing*. There's probably a hundred books named that (not with the slash between Alpha and Omega, but still. XD) So, I just wanted to give this specific book in the trilogy a second name, you get what I mean?

Starting today...

This book's name is now Alpha/Omega: Battle of Spirits.

While I'm writing it, I'll still refer to it as Alpha/Omega, of course, but it'll make it easier when I'm talking about the different books in the series. XD

I need to think of sub titles for the other two books, too, but that won't matter for a long long time. X3

Ugh. That means I have to write "Battle of Spirits" on the front cover of my Alpha/Omega binder. D= I hate writing the titles, because it has to look all nice and everything. Writing "Alpha/Omega" on the cover was hard enough. XDDD

Just... a random thought. X3

I use the X3 face now.

And now that I have the basic outline of the story all figured out, the name "Alpha/Omega" doesn't make perfect sense... T^T Oh well...

The name "Battle of Spirits" makes sense during the whole book, but ESPECIALLY one part at the end. XDDD That name makes me happy. AND IT ISN'T ALREADY TAKEN. I can't believe it. "Battle of Spirits" sounds so dang cliche, but no one's used it. X3

Apparently, you can set something up where Cleverbot answers your texts for you.
Some men just want to watch the world burn...
I'm imagining what would happen.

Girl: "Hey I need to be back at my house by 5:00 tomorrow night so when do you want to meet up?"
Guy (but it's secretly Cleverbot): "About a hundred years from now Tuesday."
Girl: "What?! I thought you wanted to meet me tomorrow! Are you mad at me or something?!"
Cleverbot: "The sky."
Girl: "??? Are you texting the wrong person or something?"
Cleverbot: "No. You are the right person. But I was talking about Mozart."
Girl: "I don't get it."
Cleverbot: "That's because you are not an intelligent being. You are a robot, programmed to repeat what others have said to you."
Girl: "Oh my gosh. Why are you being so mean to me?! I don't want to be with you anymore. I'm leaving."

Yeah... I think that could get dangerous. XDDD

(X3 I feel like I'm good at writing script for Cleverbot. I should RP as him sometime. Hehe.)

o3o I has to go now. XD This blog entry was kinda short. Oh weeellll~

*laughs maniacally for no reason*

-Maniacally, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

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