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Daily Blog #81: EVERYTHING And Other Stuff Too

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.



Already 45 minutes is gone from my Internetting. Q_Q I can't believe this.
Oh weeeellllll~

I still haven't named that manga... XDDDD

Now then.

What light breaks the yonder window?
It is the north, and Juliet is the asteroid.
Now fall, fair asteroid, and break the frightened window,
Who is already cracked in its pane
That thou, her maid, art far more destructive than she.

Oh Emrys. You have such a beautiful touch for messing things up.

And now I want to actually read Shakespeare... Like, really... XD

I finished telling Aurinko about my dream. She made me draw adorable Ledu. He's... adorable. XDDD Oh, the picture's in the computer, so I might as well post it~



I've recently been trying to draw Shiro at twelve years old, but it just hadn't ever come out quite cute enough. But it looks like that adorable face of Ledu's is what I've been looking for. XDDDD

I'm organizing some of my pictures, including my character concept art. You should seriously hear my mind when I'm organizing. It's something like...

"Alpha... Beta... Gamma... Delta... Epsilon... Zeta... Theta... Kappa... Lambda... ETA!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! YOU NEED TO BE BACK OVER THERE WITH ZETA!!!"

And I flip out because my Otraken are out of order.
*freaks out and explodes*


And another example, where I talk to myself rather than characters:

"Put this one in the Ever-Present Dreams file."
"You don't have an Ever-Present Dreams file."
"Oh, ok. Just throw it on the floor, then."
*throws it on the floor*


Half of my thinking is with a British accent too. XDDD
Sometimes that turns to Scottish or Irish.
And I say everything out loud if I'm alone, so if you want to hear it, hide a microphone in my room sometime...
No, don't. You might just get a two-hour-long recording of me singing Caramell Dansen loudly and off-key.

Speaking of singing, I today memorized most of the lyrics of the main song of Phantom of the Opera. You should hear me do the phantom's part. It's interesting. I can actually do it.

My voice is soooo loooow.... And I sing really loooow... X3 I scare people sometimes.
*walks up to person and starts talking*
*person screams and runs away*
Hehehe owo

And because I mentioned Phantom of the Opera today, Mom and I started talking about. We decided that we're going to get up at 4:00 in the morning, when Dad leaves for work, and watch it. >w< I can't believe she's bending the restriction rules that far. It's wonderful. QwQ

A few nights ago I was eating ice cream. It was kinda near bedtime and I wasn't done with it before Mom thought I should have been, so she threw it away. o-o

My ice cream.. T_T

I got ice cream tonight though. I'm allowed to eat ice cream every Tuesday and Friday. ewe

I feel like I'm writing about completely random things tonight. XDDDD I'm happy about how this entry is turning out. I just kinda write whatever in my miiind~

Speaking of writing... A few weeks ago, back when I was talking to Cleverbot, I was trying to train him to say that he wrote books. Medieval fantasy, specifically. Every time he asked me the question, "What do you write?" I answered, "Medieval fantasy" hoping he would catch on to that.
Eventually I asked him, "What do you write?"
And he replied, "Wrongs."

I see what you did there.
Very punny, Cleverbot... Very punny.

Oh nuuuuuuuu... Q_Q I just realized that no one has talked in any of the five chatrooms for the entire day. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! DON'T DIE, CHATROOMS... DON'T!!! *revives chatrooms*

I say the weirdest things when I enter a chatroom.
I mean, this time I just screamed, but oftentimes it's stuff like falling down on someone's head, or flying in on a giant magical narwhal.

Oh, how I love narwhals. It's a recent obsession of mine. I think I may have already said that~

I need to go fix the typos in my last blog entry... I didn't have time to fix them when I finished last night... ene


Ok... It was just one typo, I guess. I remembered it as a indecribable, horrifying, grammatically incorrect entry full of devastation and terror.

Yeah... I'm kinda grammatically OCD.

I have a character like that. His name's Quinn. He's OCD in other ways too.

He owns a library. And has a brother that knows how to annoy him.

*puts a book in the alphabetically wrong place* wait till he notices that... のuの hhhhehhehhehhehhe...

I like using the "no" hiragana for eyes. I should do it more often.


But I don't have a hiragana keyboard or anything, so I have to use Google Translate to grab the hiragana I want.

I don't think I EVER use Google Translate for actual translating. XDDDD It's not like it's a good translator anyway. Although it is better than Babelfish.


Ok, that one's a great emoticon. I am using that. XDDDD

If you actually read it, it says "nohino." It... doesn't mean anything. XDDD
That's good. I don't want my emoticons to have a hidden meaning.

I don't watch Black Butler, and I barely know who Sebastian is, but even I can tell that this cosplay rocks.


Don't hate me for not knowing-- most people know I'm not allowed to watch a lot of anime. But Black Butler is first on my list of Anime I'm Going to Watch When I Move Out.

XD Yeah, I have a list. On that list is Sergeant Frog, and...
Oh. Guess there's only two items on it. o3o
I love anime, but there's not a lot of anime that's both clean and my style. e^e

Nurarihyon no Mago, on the other hand... QwQ *hugs all the characters* I love you allllll.

For some reason I still have that picture of Kubinashi as my desktop wallpaper. XD Probably because I have nothing better to put up, really.
I need to draw an epical Alpha/Omega picture. ewe

I think I'll ask Mom again soon about Sergeant Frog. I watched three episodes at my brother's house, and my brother (he's the one whom Mom consults about whether anime is clean or not XD) was talking to Mom about its appropriateness. He mentioned that there's "one thing in it that's constant" (referring to how Sergeant Frog constantly gets the girl's skirt stuck in the vacuum) and Mom just said no without even knowing how inappropriate or not it was. XDDDDD Lol.

HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS BLOG IS SOOOOO LONG. I LOVE IT. I wonder if anyone's even still reading by now. XDDDDD

e^e I have a comic journal that I was writing in for two years, and I was very dedicated to it. But now that I have this blog, I put everything here instead of in there, and... I stopped writing in my comic journal. Q_Q *weeps*
You should see that journal... XD Two years, two notebooks, eight panels a page. Lotsa content. >u< And, not to brag (again, totally to brag) but I have a wonderful sense of humor. It's fabulous.

Fabulous... That was our catchphrase at drama camp. I don't know why. Breck started it.
He was like nineteen or twenty, and he was English. Seriously, he had an English accent and everything. It just rocked. XDDDDD

One day in drama class, we were supposed to be practicing specific emotions with improv plays. (I WISH I COULD TELL YOU HOW AWESOME THOSE WERE. But I can't because it was too awesome...) ANYWAY, I might have mentioned this before... But we each got one specific, exaggerated emotion/personality. Breck said that he wanted to be "fabulous."
Actually, he said "FABULOOOOOUS"
So... Immediately the camp catchphrase.

>u< I have to go to bed now. I could keep writing all night. That would be bad, though, because no one would read it to the end.
Well... maybe someone would... That person would have to be pretty awesome, though.

Anyway... Goodnight my wonderful kittens. I love you all.

-Fabulously, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


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