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Daily blog #80: What Light Breaks the Yonder Window?

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

030 Not a lot to talk about today.

I had a really epic dream last night, with a good storyline, good characters, etc.
My dreams are always anime/video game style. And they always have epic storyline. But this one was special. >u< I'm not going to tell anyone though... ewe

Except for Aurinko. She was online today (YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! *cries tears of joy*) so I told her. ^_^
Well, half of it. Then she had to go. ono Due to our schedules, we only have an hour a day at the very most to talk. T_T

I might make the dream into a manga sometime... ouo Except that the story cuts off right in the middle, because Mom woke me up.
Just as I was about to hug that adorable little chibi... e^e Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu... adorable little Ledu.

I wrote some really awesome storyline for Alpha/Omega last night. QwQ *cries emotional tears*
Actually it's the ending for the third book, so you guys won't hear it for... *estimates* Four years or so...

Yeah, I think I mentioned before that there'll be three books. The main one, a prequel, and a sequel.

It's because "trilogy" sounds like a really, super awesome word, so I wanted to write one. eue

The prequel will be about Shiro at age twelve. (And the purpose of it ISN'T just because I thought he would be flipping adorable at twelve... Which, he is, but still, that's not the book's purpose. XDDD)
And the sequel will be back to the current time with the original four characters to add some more epicness as well as wrap up loose ends.

I think the term is "tie up loose ends", but whatever. I'm going to say "wrap up loose ends" from now on.

Ah... I love Alpha/Omega so much. ewe
I just wish that...


Must... write... FASTER...


Once I get out of restriction, I MUST work on Alpha/Omega more than I was. e3e

I'm eating a taco.

Oh... Yeah... I did it. That guy... I named him Emrys Calixtus Callistus-Ambrose.
XDDD I can't believe I did that. No one ever is going to remember his full name. >u< It's fitting for him, though.
It's sort of a symmetrical name in a way... The two names on the ends, "Emrys" and "Ambrose", as I said yesterday, are the same name. One is just the Welsh version. XD And "Calixtus" and "Callistus" are the same name.
So... It's sort of symmetrical. >u<

Ok, whatever.

My favorite line so far of Emrys': "What light breaks the yonder window?"

And Medea's like, "You broke my window?!"

I'm going to look up Romeo's whole monologue and make a Emrys version of the entire thing...

What light breaks the yonder window?
It is the north, and Juliet is the moon.

...Mom won't let me look it up tonight. Q_Q Oh well... I'll see if I can do it tomorrow...

If I'm still sane tomorrow. Restriction isn't getting any better. o-o gyaaaaaaaaah.
I have absolutely no idea when it'll be done.

I have to get off the computer in five minutes. e^e It feels like I got on like ten seconds ago.

Hm... I really need to name that manga that I'm going to put my random stray characters in XD I might name it after the academy it's about. I'll work on naming that tonight. =D Yay!

ewe Hehehehehe... I'm going to post a list of the names of the characters I've decided so far to put in that manga.

Kodokuna Shinobu
Medea Rose
Nobody Specific
Etcetera Specific
Dagger Snowstorm
Liili Ravage
Emrys Callistus-Ambrose

Everyone will have a last name, I just haven't decided them all yet. XD Last names can be so fun.

If anyone wants a picture of one of those characters, TELL MEH!!! =DDDDDDDD

Really, considering how much I'm talking about Emrys, I need to post the picture of him soon. XD

I have another unnamed character in my head that I haven't drawn yet. I need to do that.

*tries really hard to think of a name for the academy*

It basically teaches everything: fighting, magic, and... normal school stuff. XD One of my favorite storylines I've gotten in my head is where they have to do a school play, ALL by themselves; writing the play, directing it, etc. and everything else. XD They also have to do a small orchestral piece.
It's hilarious.
Everything these characters do is hilarious. Either that or epic. Not to brag (actually, TOTALLY to brag) but I think I got together a great group of personalities. XDDDD These are all characters that almost never saw the light again after they were abandoned in my random old manga and stuff. But I've gotten them all together again. And it's beautiful... ewe

You guys do remember Medea, right? The girl with the spiked flail and the rose?


*everyone looks at each other awkwardly*

Gyaah, alright. This girl.


Remember her now? ewe
Spoiler... I don't know why I'm leaking this, because I was gonna wait till it actually happened, but oh well... >u<
Medea can play a cello like an electric guitar, because she is just so flipping awesome like that.
I don't know how I came up with that. But it fits her style 100%. XDDDDDDDD I love it.
Liien hands her the bow for the cello, and Medea's like, "Oh please... I don't need that stick." She takes out a guitar pick and strikes a chord...

*end spoiler*
XD Lol, I've said too much. I try to keep my minor storylines secret, but it never happens. XDDD

I NEED to name this manga soon. Never before has a story idea gone this long without a name. o3o Well, at least I don't think so.
I suppose the idea for Ever-Present Dreams started a long, long time before I ACTUALLY started thinking of it seriously, but that was so different from what it's like now. XD Seriously... Back then it was about time travel and stuff.
*remembers* Huh... It was originally inspired by my favorite Doctor Who episode, Girl in the Fireplace. XD I can't believe it.

Lol... Remembering where some of my stories very first started is so weird.
Shadowed Regions (one of my manga I don't talk about for some reason) was originally inspired by this... bridge I saw in some random video game. Seriously, it's not like the bridge was really that awesome or anything. It just made me think, "Woah, bridges are really cool." XD
Since then, the entire storyline has changed 99%; the storyline of course, but also the entire feel of the story, including the main characters. I ACTUALLY changed the main characters. XDDDD It was originally going to be this 19-year-old guy, and nowadays it's about a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old guy.

And the bridge in Shadowed Regions isn't even all THAT important anymore. XDDD

Oh... That 19-year-old guy I designed... I ought to bring him back for that unnamed manga. ewe

Oops. It's half an hour after I was supposed to get off. XDDDD Weird. At the beginning of this entry I said there wasn't much to talk about, and yet this is a super-long entry.

-Epically, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

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