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Daily Blog #78: Weird Emotional Peoplez Everehwhere

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

o3o hm....hmmhmhmm

I thought that the Book of Face drama was basically over, but I'm helping two different people with their life problems now. 030 sheeeeeesh.

One of them is twelve and is having boyfriend problems. XDDDDDD

The other is fourteen and is also having boyfriend problems.

*looks around* ...The other drama people are also having boyfriend problems.

What the heck. There's not a single one over sixteen and they all have/want boyfriends.

o-o #confused

Ooh. That stupid hashtag thing reminds me. I have a friend who, even though it's Facebook, seriously posts at least fifteen hashtags to the end of each status update. It's horrible. XDD If I knew her better, I would comment


Hehe, I designed two members of the Otraken last night: Phi and Chi Nine. I really like them a lot. They're hilarious. XDDDD They... remind me somewhat of Jesse and James from the Pokemon anime. >u<
Phi Nine and Chi Nine are sister and brother. Phi Nine is one spirit level higher than Chi Nine, so she orders Chi around. Their personalities are funny. Phi Nine ends up getting a crush on Shiro... and that's REALLY funny. XDDD

I'll post pictures of them if anyone's interested. And even if you're not interested, I'll probably post them anyway. XD

By the way, the Greek letters "phi" and "chi" are actually pronounced "fai" and "kai". I didn't know that for a long time. 8P Lolz.

I realize I've kept a whole lot of stuff about Alpha/Omega secret. o3o I think I might have decided from the beginning how secret things were going to be, but I didn't think that the story writing/posting was going to go this slow. XD

*sigh* SO SLOOOOOW. People aren't going to even remember who Mithril is by the time she gets back into the story. XDDD

And DEFINITELY not gonna remember Tsuki.

Oh yeah, Tsuki's coming back into the story some far away day. XD She's got more of a personality than it seemed like in those two pages.


I just realized that I've never drawn Tsuki outside of the actual manga/flipnote series. As in, I don't even have the usual "first concept art" picture of her. XD
I actually do have half a picture of her and Katsu. I didn't finish the picture though. LOL.

I feel sorry for Tsuki. None of her personality is shown in the small part she's in at the beginning. XD

I have an entire new beginning in mind for Alpha/Omega. I don't want to rewrite anything (and it's actually really hard to, technically, with posting the pages on Facebook and stuff...) But it's not like I'm changing anything, I'm just adding some stuff that comes right before where the first page of the manga starts. You get to see some of Tsuki's personality and stuff.
But it's impossible to add on... XDDDD I'll guess I'll just save it for when it becomes an anime or a game...
Or when I redraw the entire manga in a few years, which I just know I'm gonna do. I used to redraw my manga a lot. It's sad. >u<

In the RP I'm having with a friend, Cynthia, her characters just tried to kill Shiro. It scared me. I fear for my characters' lives way too much... e3e
I should know better, though. Shiro can take care of himself. He encased them in ice and jumped off through the trees. -w-

ene The dude's back, and trying to kill him again. I think there's about to be a battle.

I'm scared. Someone give me a hug. *cries*

XD I'm messed up in the head.

Oh, yeah. Probably none of you are interested in how today went with restriction and stuff, but I'll tell you anyway. It was ok. I didn't get a lot done though. XD We woke up at 9:00 again. Lawlz.

GYAAH. ALREADY? WAHT. I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again... Two hours is WAAAAY too short... T_______T It's already 9:00. Nyeeeeeehhhhhh...

Sowwy. Bye bye. *hugs*

Mom's mad at me now... XDDDD *zooms off*

(D.J. Evans)

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