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I'm DeAnna, a.k.a. D.J. Evans. I write stories, draw manga, and other stuff XD

My new Schedule of Horror *sits in corner*

Weeellllllll then. Restriction starts tomorrow.

I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or anything (well, yeah, I do. XD) But here's my schedule if you're curious...

Up by 7AM (Hey, they had us up at 6:45 at camp. XD)

Work from 8AM to 1PM (I don't know what I do between 7 and 8, it's not like it takes me 45 minutes to eat breakfast...)

Lunch from 1PM-2PM (Again, it doesn't take me an hour to eat lunch. XD *shrugs*)

MORE work from 2PM to 7PM

Laptop time from 7PM-9PM

Laptop is taken away for no apparent reason from 9PM-10PM

Bed at 10PM (It's usually 11 or 12. >n<)

The other restrictions THAT I KNOW OF (I keep learning of new ones that I never heard before...) is that this is all 7 days a week, no breaks. I don't think I'm allowed to go to church (or anywhere else, possibly) and since I'm homeschooled and live in an empty neighborhood, I'll be 100% alone. My only friends will be the online ones and the ones in my head. Which, I'm fine with that...
Hey, my characters are very good friends.
Oh yeah, one of the worst things: My mom and dad go to Starbucks for a few hours every morning (They've done it all my life... And it's EVERY morning.) and they're going to drag me with them now for some reason. T_T No.
You have no idea how much I hate going to Starbucks with them... just... no...


*goes insane*

*sits in corner and laughs maniacally*

Another one of the worst things is that I can't imagine that mom and dad are going to be very friendly through it. Q_Q It's hard for me to work when there's that much negative energy everywhere, and I know it's going to be... T^T

So... Byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!