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Daily Blog #71: Y U NO BE HAPPEH

(This entry's about how I don't like depressing people. I kind of tend to use the words "depressing" and "emo" interchangeably. Sorry... Please don't be offended by whatever I say. o3o)

Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.


I am SO TIRED OF PEOPLE BEING DEPRESSING. One of my FB friends (one that I don't know, I'm only friends with her because she was on FN Hatena. I don't want to give away her identity, so I'll call her Esmee) was posting a whole ton of super emo/depressing stuff. I finally unfriended her. (It's not like we talked or interacted at all.)
Yesterday someone finally told Esmee everything that I'd been wanting to tell her, and Esmee promised to stop posting emo stuff. And she friended me again, and everything was cool.
But today Esmee said that she changed her mind. =_= I'm probably going to unfriend her again if she doesn't change it back within a few days. She says she's not even depressed... She needs to realize that she's going to lose friends if she keeps being like this.
Anyway... Like I've said, I've been part of some FB chats lately. We're up to 4 chats now, all with the same general group of people XD It's been really epic. There was this one chatroom that was called Happy Chat yesterday (The names get changed CONSTANTLY) where people would talk and NOT be depressing. This made me very happeh. ^_^
Today, the name had gotten changed around and stuff, and when I came back to it, there were people emo-ing all over it. It was messy.
It finally REALLY got to me, and on the spur of the moment I made the huge huge mistake of naming the chat "Non-Emo Chat"
What I MEANT was for people to not say/post anything depressing while they were in that chat. What everyone TOOK it as was that I was excluding all the emos. T_T NOT WHAT I MEANT. So everyone tackled me and I got totally murdered and I look like a complete jerkface now even though I explained and said I was sorry.

Then my non-depressing friends came, and we went to a chat where people weren't being emo. ^_^ All good. I think I lost a few friends though. o-o
Oh well... It's not like I want to be friends with people who are depressing all the time like that. o3o

I updated my Facebook status, apologizing and giving out free waffles, hugs and cake. Soooooo... o3o Hopefully I won't look like a jerk for too long.

Update: I think all's good now. XD

-Happehly, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


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