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Daily Blog #61: VAMPIRES ARE REAL!

Konnichiwa minasan. The Slenderman is right behind you.

We saw the Lone Ranger yesterday. All I have to say about it is:
Joooooooooooooohhhhhhnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy Ddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppp

Before we were about to go in though, there was this lady walking around who looked like she was cosplaying as a vampire. I am NOT kidding. And I'm not kidding when I say I'm not kidding. The best I can do to describe her is that she had a long, black dress, bright orange hair that was in a bun behind her head, a weird necklace that looked like bat wings, pale skin and really, super excessive black eye shadow. She was really tall, too, and her facial expression completed it.
Mom thought she looked like a zombie, but I think vampire. -w-
And I still have no idea if she creeps me out or if I admire her. Guess it depends on if she was dressed that way for a reason, like cosplay, or if that's how she normally dresses... o_o

Either way, she just got a giant section of my blog.

I decided to write down everything I know about writing. ewe It'll probably be up tomorrow/day after tomorrow/day after day after tomorrow.

Hey. If you haven't, pleash join my sword-designing contest. ewe It's right here.

So the air conditioner of our house is in my room, and it points directly into my loft bed. (This sounds nice but it's really cold. XD But we never ever have it on while I'm in/on the loft bed.) Mom turned the air conditioner on this morning while I was still in bed. I don't know if she was trying to freeze me out or what, but I took it as a challenge and ended up staying in bed for like ten minutes longer than I originally intended. XD

That is all.

(D.J. Evans)


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