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Kameron Averill


Ashley Canaberry







Chapter One

   Sixteen-year-old Ashley looked in the mirror. Her long, wavy, dirty blonde hair had never looked like the hair on her parents’ heads, or anyone else related to her for that matter. Apparently her great-great-great grandfather had had hair like hers. Everyone assumed, though, that her hair was dyed.
   And because kids thought it was dyed, Ashley imagined, they automatically thought she was stuck-up or something.
   Whatever, she thought. I can’t even stay in the same place for long enough to get to know anyone.
   She’d moved six times in the last two months. Or something like that. She’d lost track. Her mom said that this was the last time they’d be moving, but Ashley didn’t quite believe it.
   She pulled her hair back into a curly ponytail and walked to the door of her apartment. She didn’t know exactly what she was going to do out there, but it should be a little less boring than in here, she thought. Her mom worked at a 24/7 hospital—she ate and slept there, and only came back home on the weekends.
   Ashley opened the door and stepped outside. She lived on the second floor of an apartment building. There was a cool wind blowing as she looked out into the empty street, wishing that there was someone around.
   She felt the loneliest she’d been in the last two months.
   She suddenly noticed a bit of violet under the stairs leading to her apartment. It was a small flower with purple petals. Her absolute favorite color.
   Her thought was, if she really had any at the moment: Oh my gosh! I have to have it!
   And with that she blasted down the stairs as fast as she could—or, rather, faster than she could.
   She turned a bit too sharply and lost her footing, and suddenly she found herself tumbling through the air toward the hard cement.
   Ashley yelled and shut her eyes, prepared for her life to be ended. She landed with a thud, but not as hard a thud as she had expected… What had broken her fall?
   She opened her eyes slowly and looked to see what she had landed on. Under her was a dazed young man, about a year or so older than her.
   “Oh my gosh!” Ashley yelled as she quickly got off of him. “I am soooooo soooo sorry!” She suddenly felt shy, and afraid of what the young man might think. She looked at his face noticed his mild handsomeness.
   She quickly shook the thought away. “Help!” she yelled. “I killed him!” She bent down over his face. “Are you dead?” she asked him.
   The young man looked at her with his sky-blue eyes. He raised his eyebrows. “Possibly.”
   Ashley jumped to her feet. She got the small purple flower that had started it all and put it in her hair behind her left ear.  “I really am sorry! You see, I’m kind of clumsy, and I can’t help myself around pretty things and I had to have it and…” She faltered. “Well, never mind. You wouldn’t really understand… nobody does…”
   The young man sat up and smoothed out his shoulder-length, neglected black hair. “Well, if I can’t understand, then I guess I’m not as smart as I thought.” He gave Ashley a lopsided grin and stood up.
   Ashley looked up at him. He was a few inches taller than her. “Well you could if you were me but I’m me so you can’t be me.” She smiled and looked at the ground.
   “There’s always the option that you may not be you.” The young man gave a casual shrug and a funny pout.
   “OH MY GOSH WHO AM I?” Ashley threw her hands in the air and sat on the stairs.
   The young man sat next to her and grinned. “Well, all I know is that since I saved your life, well, possibly, your soul belongs to me.” He laughed, then noticed Ashley’s busted elbow. “Hey, your elbow ok?”
   Ashley looked at her elbow. She shrugged and dismissed it. “How does that happen? You taking my soul?” She giggled.
   “Heh, don’t worry, I don’t need your soul for anything… yet.” He widened his eyes and smiled mysteriously.
   Ashley smiled back. “You can keep it…” She blushed at what she’d just said.
   The young man laughed, not noticing her blush. “Thanks.” He put his hand in the air, took the imaginary soul and put it in his pocket.
   “Don’t disrespect it.” Ashley giggled and blushed a bit deeper.
   “I won’t. Anyway…” The young man extended his right hand. “Name’s Kameron Averill.”
   Ashley shook his hand and smiled. “Ashley Canaberry.”
   “Well, I guess I’ll see you later.” Kameron got up and started walking away.
   “Wait!” Ashley jumped up and grabbed Kameron’s arm. He looked back at her. “Will I see you again?” she asked.
   “Hm? Well, maybe. I live right near here.”
   “Tomorrow? Please, there’s nobody around here except you to talk to!”
   “Ok.” Kameron shrugged. “Is this your house?”
   “Yeah… Same time tomorrow?”
   Kameron checked his watch. “Yeah, sure. I live right over there, by the way.” He pointed to a house far across the street.
   “Oh… Ok. Well, bye.” Ashley gave Kameron a speedy hug and hopped away before he could say anything. She walked up the stairs, carefully turned around and waved. “If I’m not outside, then just knock, ok?”
   “Alright. Seeya.” Kameron gave Ashley a grin and a wave, and then walked off with his hands in his pockets.
   “Bye,” replied Ashley with a quiet whisper.

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By the way, here's my version of the poem:

Not chicks nor puppies
Could ever compare
To the epical fluffy
That all cats share.

Kittens abound;
A basket of cuteness
All so very round
And acting quite brainless.

There's so much to love
About their soft fur
Divine as a dove
Not to mention their purr.

I hug each one
So soft and puffy
I forever shall stay
In this world of fluffy.

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