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Daily Blog #55: The Super Chronicles of Epic Adventure

Konnichiwa minasan, watashi wa tako ja nai.

I'm eating ramen. -w-

All of my original characters call me D.J., except the ones I'm closest to... Is it weird that I know this? o-o
I think I'm a little bit too much in my own world...

Mom and I were talking about getting my books published. It seems really hard to publish a book... XD But considering how many people have apparently done it, it shouldn't be impossible. XD
I feel more motivated now though to finish Ever-Present Dreams.

I was writing a book about a year ago. It was my very first original WRITTEN book (well, you know, besides Pete the Hamster when I was nine... We shall not speak of that...)
It was called the Super Chronicles of Epic Adventure Otherwise Known as SCEA (I gave it a long name just to be ridiculous... Besides, you can just call it SCEA, as the name says. XD Or Super Chronicles...) LOL Anyway, I almost finished that... But now I look back on it and it doesn't seem very good. The storyline is too rushed... Like, they're only in a single city for about three chapters (and the chapters, by the way, are very short. Not as short as Maximum Ride, thank goodness, but still short...)
And now I just motivated myself to work on that book again. >=D
It may end up being a kid's book, for an age group of around 8-12. Yeah, that sounds about right... Ok, I'm happy with the book now. -w- It's a funny book. It's supposed to be medieval fantasy, but it's a very light restriction... The three main girls act like modern kids. XD
Oh, and it's told in first-person, which I don't do anymore for some reason. I need to get back to writing books in first-person. XD

And now that I just talked your ear off about one of my old books and didn't even REALLY say anything about it...

Seeya 8P

-Insignificantly, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

   "Zephra is not only very strategic in battle, but the path to her main fortress is filled with traps and secrets. We will have to be very careful."

   "So there's lots of boogie traps?" Iris confirmed.

   "You always say that wrong," I told her.

   "Yeah," Data said. "It's booty traps."

   "Nope. Bungee traps."

   "Bugle traps."


   "Buglist trap."

   "Tourist trap?"

   "You guys are driving me nuts."

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!