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Konnichiwa minasan. Watashi wa tako ja nai.

I don't have that much to say, so I'll tell you what my friend Karissa and I did last night when we were hanging around before Wednesday church. ewe

So we were taking the folding chairs from the wall, and unfolding them and setting them in rows like we do every time. Somehow we both decided to roleplay Death the Kid, and we were VERY carefully making sure the chairs were symmetrical and even.
Then the kids I call the Gracie People come in, and someone bumped a chair. Karissa and I both flip out and rush over to the chair to get it back up, and then made sure it was even with the other chairs.
So the Gracie People eventually figure it out, and started knocking over chairs and making them face unevenly. Thus the war for symmetry began.
IT WAS INSAAAAANE. Karissa and I were flipping out and running around the entire room while the Gracie People were tipping over chairs. At one point, there were two chairs near each other with two of the kids sitting in them, and there was an asymmetrical chair stuck in between them that I couldn't move. IT WAS TRAUMATIZING.


At one point I stood up on a chair and yelled to the entire room...


(D.J. Evans)

Think of things that are symmetrical... Like butterflies and the number 8...

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!