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Daily Blog #50: I'M BUSY

Konnichiwa minasan, watashi wa tako ja nai.

I love all my fans, subscribers and creepy stalkers -w-

Congratulations. You get a picture of 360 and Aimi playing the pocky game.


The pocky game is very fun to draw for some reason -w-

My friend sent me a bunch of links to Japanese music... so... I FINALLY HAVE MORE ACCESS TO JAPANESE MUSIC eUe I'M SHO HAPPEH.
My mom doesn't allow me to be on YouTube, or basically any site besides Facebook and Hatena, so you can guess how limited my music is. e_e I've only been able to listen to the Japanese music that people post on Hatena Blog... which isn't that much.
But my mom okayed the songs that my friend sent me, so I'm really happy -w-

Anyway... (>o0o)>

I spontaneously picked up my DSi and started making a flipnote yesterday for almost the first time since FN Hatena shut down. I quit after like, five minutes though because I didn't have enough time... Q_Q I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR ANYTHING ANYMORE. I DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME FOR VIEDO GAMES OR ANIME. BECAUSE I'M SO BUSY WORKING ON MY BOOKS, DRAWINGS AND INTERNETTING. *cries*
I'm in my own woooooorld~ eue

asdfghjkl... I miss FN Hatena... T^T That was what I would do all day, because it was before I started writing books, and before I started turning Alpha/Omega into a manga. I didn't have any other story ideas at the time. I also didn't have my Facebook page yet, so I wasn't taking drawing requests or anything. e3e Now I'm so busyyyyyy. 8P

-Busily, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!