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Konnichiwa minasan, watashi wa tako ja nai desu.

I was just about to say something incredibly boring, and decided not to.

*doesn't have anything to say*

...Oh, yeah...

0_0 The Twelfth Doctor was just announced. If you watch Doctor Who, what do you think about him? o^o It's really weird that they chose someone who was already in the show a while ago.
If you don't remember, he's the Roman dude in Fires of Pompeii.
I think that since the Doctor's been getting younger every time he regenerates (if you haven't noticed) it's also really weird that they chose a 60-or-so-year-old guy when Eleven looks 30. o3o Too big of a jump.

*brain explodes*

-Confuzzledly, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

I wonder how many people would have gotten mad if it was Ten again. XD Sometimes it's good to break the rules. -w- And they could have explained it somehow... Especially since there's meta-crisis Ten in the other dimension.

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!