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The Story Behind Shiro

Ok, if you're not a fan of my character, Shiro, then this is a pointless read and you'll be bored. But I bet you ARE a fan of him, because he's an awesome and adorable character. Especially if you're a girl. -w- (Loool)
You'll still probably get bored, so just quit reading whenever you want...

Ha... Anyway...

Sorry if I ever sound weird or talk for way too long, I just love him to death @.@ And excuse me if I start rambling and the subject strays from Shiro. LOL

I'll start with a long boring introduction of him, since I don't think I ever really introduced him to you guys... XD

f:id:DJEvans:20130730062938j:plainHere's the picture I drew yesterday.

Shiro Mikochi, fourth son of Hiraku. Known by my friends as Shiro-kun. XD
He's from my original manga, Alpha/Omega, a medieval fantasy manga. Shiro's one of the four main characters, and he's a sixteen-year-old mage who, before he meets the other main characters, studies magic with his uncle (actually father's cousin's cousin) Daisuke. He lives in a tower in Takai Village (where everyone lives in towers because they're just weird like that. XD)
His personality: He's optimistic, energetic, quick-witted, mischievous, but also gentle and very caring. He manages to be best friends with everybody he meets... and, well, the keyword for his personality is "adorable".

And now that I just finished a long, completely unnecessary introduction of him, I'll actually start saying what I was going to say in the first place; the story behind his design.

Letsee... Where should I start? Ooh, the beginning. The beginning would be good.

A long, long time ago, Shiro was originally inspired by an anime character. His name is Fai D. Flourite.
(...This was before I started H-A-T-I-N-G the anime that Fai-san is from... I'll just say what I HAVE to say and get it over with... *shakes*)


This is Fai D. Flourite from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles. Notice a few similarities? Soft blonde hair, constant smile, yes. As well as an optimistic outlook and slight mischievous side. (And the maturity of a twelve-year-old XD)

Fai-san (I think I started calling him Fai-san instead of just Fai because I wanted to feel less attached to him-- I'll explain that part later...) Anyway, Fai-san inspired a different character for me a LONG time ago... A year or two ago. His name was Litu, and his appearance was totally original (and very strange... XD) but he had basically the same personality as Fai-san. I try not to do that anymore 8P Anyway... I never started writing the manga that Litu was in. XD (I'm putting him in a new one though, just making a few changes to his personality and changing his name to Lute because I like that better.)

Anyway, near the end of last year, just a month or two before I started work on Alpha/Omega (which was originally a Flipnote anime series) I started having these characters interacting in my head in a specific setting... No, still wasn't Alpha/Omega. Those characters and that setting are now part of another one of my stories, Arcane Identities. But in my head, there WAS a Shiro-like character and a Raibaru-like character (I don't have that much of a doubt, by the way, that my character Raibaru was based off of Kurogane from Tsubasa. Shiro treats Raibaru the exact same way that Fai-san treats Kurogane. XD)
Anyway, in January, I finally started work on Alpha/Omega. Can't tell you how the idea for it came into my head, but I spontaneously decided to make a Flipnote anime series and just started making it. XD I designed the four main characters, at last putting Shiro down on paper. Of course, he was a lot different back then...
*looks in my binder where my very first picture of Shiro should be*
Q_Q Can't find it. T^T Well... I guess it wasn't my very FIRST picture of him... Well, it was the very first picture of him that was SUPPOSED to be him.
Yeah, like I said... His history's complicated, and he's been split into several different characters, some of which I kept...
Well, I already explained Litu/Lute. The other one is Milo. He's the character that was running around in my head that I decided to put into Arcane Identites. He's where I put (almost) all of the personality traits that I originally gave Shiro and then decided to take away: stuff like glasses, a black suit, constantly chewing on a pencil... Oh, the pencil chewing. That's a big part of it. XD Actually, Milo didn't end up with that. Or the black suit, his brother got that.
Right... So like I said, Milo was first in my head. Shiro was first on paper, but Milo was first in my head and Shiro is connected to Milo in a lot of ways... WOW, I DID NOT REALIZE HOW COMPLICATED THIS WAS UNTIL I STARTED TRYING TO WRITE IT OUT. O_O
Anyway, my first idea of Milo was this blonde guy (originally inspired, like I said, by Fai-san) who was constantly chewing on things; pencils, pieces of grass, Twizzlers, whatever. (That actually came to mind when I was in my backyard and randomly decided to chew on some grass because I'm weird like that... XDXDXD)
Anyway... As I said, Shiro was the first to get on paper, so he ended up being the one that was constantly chewing on pencils. After a month or two, I realized it was just too hard to draw someone chewing on a pencil, and since I would have to draw him about 380-760 times for a 190-page manga (and I know Alpha/Omega will be longer than that, especially since I'm planning a prequel and a sequel... YES I AM) ...I really wanted him to be easy to draw. LAWLZ
Therefore, Shiro doesn't chew on pencils.

Lolz... There were other things too, like his eyes and his hair and his bandana, that changed. I was trying to color a picture of him one day, and I decided to make his eyes brown because my eyes are brown. And then I decided to make his bandana green because green's my favorite color. (Oh yeah, here's the thing; I was officially designing him to be MY favorite character ever.) Those... did not look good together. At all. I would have made his eyes blue, except that Fai-san's eyes are blue. So I made Shiro's eyes green and his bandana blue.
His hair's also changed a lot, from originally just being pretty much a mirror image of Fai-san's, to what it is now.

And... looks like we're back to Fai-san. *sigh* Here goes...
About a year or two back, I found an AWESOME anime, called Tsubasa. Fai was one of the main characters, and he was even AWESOMER. He just makes me happy -w-
Or did. Now he just makes me sad. Thing is, Tsubasa seemed like a VERY clean anime. As in, there was a lot of fighting, but they didn't even show blood. And then came the end of season 2.
So I had the first 2 seasons downloaded to my laptop, plus their movie, Princess of Birdcages, as well as 5 other episodes that were in Japanese with English subtitles.
The first two seasons, EPIC. The movie, EPIC. The five episodes that were in Japanese, TRAUMATIC.


Goodbye, happiness. Goodbye, Fai-san's left eye. Tell Clone Syaoran I hope that eyeball tasted good.

...I think I've said a little too much now...

um. Anyway.
I tried to block Tsubasa from my mind after that, and I've pretty much succeeded now, but for months after I watched those five episodes (I should have stopped with the first, but I was hoping that it would end happily) I would... still... be freaked out... I loved to think about Fai-san because he's just so fun to think about (I still think about some of his quotes and laugh) but after the five episodes, if I thought about him, I'd be sad. And I thought about him constantly.
(The whole thing sounds really stupid, but... I've NEVER been exposed to an unclean anime, and when the writers suddenly decide to torture your FAVORITE character beyond what's bearable... Yeah.)
So... I decide to replace Fai-san in my mind with a different character.
*hugs Shiro plushie*
I forget whether Shiro was designed before or after I watched the five episodes of Tsubasa, but I'll tell you one thing... He has helped me A LOT.

(D.J. Evans)

Haha! I took D.J.'s laptop while she wasn't looking! <(^O^)> She forgot to mention that Fai's also a wizard. Like me~ And also that, to design my personality, she mixed together traits from three sources: Fai, herself, and the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who! That's where the glasses came from, but I didn't end up with them. Oh weeellllll~ It'd be interesting to have glasses. ^_^
By the way, I might end up with my own blog here soon; D.J. calls it a roleplay blog. We have to sort out some stuff with her mom though... Her mom doesn't want me to have a blog o3o
Haha ^_^

-Shiro Mikochi

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