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Daily Blog #35: Haaaiiiii ouo

Konnichi-wa minasan I'm back for the weekend. ^.^ I finished my first week at camp and I'm back at my brother's house. I got his laptop -w-

ART CAMP WAS EPIC. SUPER FREAKING EPIC. I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU HOW EPIC IT WAS. OUO If you want me to tell you about it, go ahead and comment since I'm not sure anyone here would actually care. XD

Well, there is one part I have to tell you. I was teaching my roomate Kiki how to draw faces, and so I drew the basic shape of a head. I drew one half of the face, and she drew the other. Then she gave her side hair, and I gave my side hair. It looked very asymmetrical and disturbing. So we decided to make a whole character like that. I drew the basic shape of a body, drew in one half of the character, and she drew the other half. It was... even more disturbing. And epic, very epic. The first name that came to my mind was David, and the name that first came into Kiki's mind was Daniel, so we named the character Davaniel. Then we decided that Davaniel was Rachaelle's (my other roommate's) boyfriend. And then we decided to draw boyfriends for our other roomates, and then we started taking requests from the other girls on our floor... We ended with drawing a total of about 10 or so boyfriends. -w- I'll post the pictures next week when I get home. They are very, very disturbing...


Guess whut? OUO I finally figured out what to do with my characters that are from manga that I've abandoned, and characters that I made up for no reason ^.^ (For example, Kodokuna and Medea.) I'ma put them all in one manga... ouo And I know what the manga's gonna be about too. XD It's gonna be epic OuO

I might post again tomorrow, but then I'm off to drama camp for another week. So if you want to say anything, say it now XD
Seeyu guyz ^.^ *throws you all waffles*

-Epicly, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

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