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Daily Blog #33: The Evil Waffle Fortress of Imminent Death and Doom

OHAYO MINASAN Tako ja nai.

I finally fixed my weird blog-background thing yesterday, so unless you have a weirdly huge screen it should look ok now, besides the white strips at the right and bottom sides of the screen. 8P I may or may not fix those too. Whatever.

I'm back home now, so I'll be working on Alpha/Omega ^.^ probably. I actually leave for my camp in Florida in two days, on Friday, so I have to do a lotta stuff. (@Aurinko, I'll make sure I have my turn in the RP done by then XD)

My mom approved of Nurarihyon no Mago OuO She probably would have approved of Mushi-shi too, but I watched an episode of that and it was slow and boring =3= But I really liked the first episode of Nura... So I'll be watching that OUO ...when I get back from camp. =3=

I don't know whether or not I mentioned it, but I've been part of this giant Facebook RP chat with a bunch of other Flipnote Hatenians. I found out that throwing waffles is contagious =D
Long long ago, there was no waffle-throwing... And then I came >8D HEHEHE I came to the chat recently and people were throwing waffles at each other and I hadn't even been around. ^.^
*throws a waffle in your face*
I think I mentioned us all going to the Evil Waffle Fortress of Imminent Death and Doom. That was fun ouo There was like, somewhere between 10-15 floors, and there were a lot of waffle monsters. At the top was the Awesome-Looking Room Before the Boss to Build Up Suspense, with the Epic Door that Leads to the Long Long Staircase that Also Builds Suspense. And then the teleport room, which made glowing noises and teleported us to the roof of the fortress, where we fought a gigantic, evil waffle-spider dude. In the end we ate him and he was tasty. ^.^ And then the credits rose out of the ground and floated up endlessly to the sky, and we were hanging around on different letters, and then it ended and we decided to start a new RP. ^.^

That is all.

-Tastily, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

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