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Daily Blog #30: I'm Floating!

Nuuuu... I just realized that the background of my blog looks weird... I'm using a different computer now, so I'm seeing now what MOST people see... The fact that the picture of me sticking out from behind the blog is cut in half. XD I don't know whether you, Person Reading This, sees it or not, that would depend on the size of your screen. Anyway, I'll un-weird that as soon as I can... ono

Soooo ^.^
I'm hoping... I'm REALLY hoping... 0.0 I think I might be starting two new anime!!! OUO
Ok, so you probably don't know how special that is for me... XD My mom does NOT like anime. There hasn't been a lot I've been allowed to watch, at all. AT AAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL Anyway, I haven't asked my mom yet, but my sister-in-law has two anime that she thinks my mom would approve of: Nurarihyon no Mago and Mushi-shi. (Sorry if I got the spelling of those wrong, I've only heard them said, not written out... anyway...) SO... I'm really excited... ANIME... OuO (I sound so weird right now. -w-) I was kind of wanting to watch Fullmetal Alchemist (the ONLY reason was because one of my online friends keeps making references to it) but I heard it's really depressing... I don't get the point of depressing anime. -3-

Hmmm I think that's all I have to say. For now. -w- Sayoonara minasan (>^.^)> *throws waffles at you all*
Oh yeah, speaking of throwing waffles at everybody, I was in an RP chat yesterday (still am, actually, it's just now less of an RP chat and more of an emo corner.) I was throwing waffles at everybody. -w- I also had an epic battle with Chibi. At the end I turned her into a sandwich and ate her. I ate a lot of people that day. I also ate the universe and time and space. It tasted good.

-Waffily, DeAnna
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