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RP with Southpawed

Hellooooo Southpawed SORRY I TOOK SO LONG WITH THIS XD I figured some things out so it won't take so long next time. XD
(I have nooooo idea why I drew it longways... I never do that... .-. Oh well)


Soooooo a little general backstory and stuff... Shiro Mikochi lives in Takai Village, with his uncle, Daisuke, who teaches him magic. Which you probably figured. Anyway, this storyline is some time before the main story that Shiro's in (he's one of the main characters of my manga Alpha/Omega.) In Takai Village, everyone lives in towers, which is cool. XD And even though Takai looks pretty modern (from a distance, at least) this world is actually in the Middle Ages.

Aaaand more boring backstory... Sorry, this is gonna be really long, but I kinda have to explain it all... XD
The main idea of the story is that their country, Densetsu (which is an anarchy by the way) is plagued by the evil organization called the Otraken (which is an acronym for Organization of Those Rising Above Kingdom and Eternal Nothing.) There are approximately 24 member of the Otraken (Their names are a system: [greek letter] [number], so for example, stuff like Omicron Five. The leader of the Otraken is Alpha One.) Each of the Otraken have magical powers that are based on the strength of their spirits. The strength of a spirit is called a "spirit level". Spirits are very important in the story; each person has a spirit level, an alpha spirit being the strongest and an omega spirit being the weakest.
Aaaanyyywayyy basically, to explain it quickly and without giving anything away, the Otraken put these "pins" on humans with specific spirit levels, and if a person wears a pin for too long, their body is taken over by an Otraken spirit that was inside the pin, and the person's spirit is trapped inside the pin instead. Therefore they become a member of the Otraken. Unfortunately you don't know whether you have a pin or not, because you forget about it the moment you put it on and neither you nor anyone else ever notices it.
To defeat an Otraken, you must take away the pin that he/she's wearing. The Otraken's spirit will die, but unfortunately the human spirit will still be trapped inside the pin. At this point in the story there's no known way to free a human spirit from a pin.
Of course, an Otraken will usually just challenge you, and if you win, the Otraken will surrender, handing his pin over to you. I'd explain why but this is getting way too long. XD

Soooo... um... If you have any questions or want to know anything more, just ask... .-.

XDXDXD I'm really excited. I hope this works out epicly ouo


(D.J. Evans)

Oh, and I made this: a list of the spirit levels, called the spirit order (or, you know, the "Greek alphabet" as they call it on Earth... o3o)



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