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Daily Blog #19: My Old Manga! (Warning: VERY LONG >=D)


Gewd mornin -w- I made some more papercrafts.

This one's a character from my manga Alpha/Omega =D His staff comes out of its sheath. XD

Black Star from Soul Eater -w- His hair was interesting to do. XD
He also has a sign he can hold that has his giant autograph on it, but that didn't end up in the picture.

Katsu... the main character of Alpha/Omega XD I really like how it turned out. ouo

And Mithril, another character from Alpha/Omega =D

What's up? ouo I finally finished 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea... the ending was terrible =.= The book finally got a tiny bit interesting with the iceberg thing, but... .-.

On my shelf only, I have 8 binders and an uncountable number of notebooks. (Well, they're countable, I just don't feel like counting.) Like 90% of them are filled with my old manga that I started and then didn't like. ono Actually there is one good manga that I might get back to someday... The other ones are terrible though XD

One of my old series was Legend of Petilil. It was basically just me turning the Legend of Zelda games into manga, but I used Pokemon. Link is a Snivy, Zelda is a Petilil, Ganondork is a Darkrai. I had a lot of fun while I was making them, but I never got very far on any of them... XD I started out with Ocarina of Time. It was in a notebook, before I started putting my manga in binders. Later I started Four Swords and Wind Waker, and was planning to do Minish Cap. XD

Hm... While I'm here, I might as well talk about my other old manga ouo I mean why not. It's not like I'm forcing you to read it all. BUT...
...if you do, you get a cyber waffle. -w-

Lessee... It all started when I was sitting around on the bed with my notebook about four years ago. I asked my older brother Daniel what to draw, and he said "Draw a full-length episode of Pokemon."
So I did... and we laughed...
XD I didn't draw humans yet, so it was about Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle getting lost in the forest. They find an insane Pichu (who's a great character ouo) and they basically walk around the forest talking to other Pokemon and stuff. It was really funny... -w- I ACTUALLY FINISHED IT TOO! XD sort of. I came back to it about a year or two after I'd stopped working on it and added a sort of plothole ending. HAHAHA >8D

My next story comic was The Last Cookie. It was about a stick figure named Bob who gets his last cookie stolen by a great ninja clan leader, Nicky. Bob buys a Cookie Radar from E-bay and goes off to find his cookie. The Cookie Radar, by the way, looks like a Gameboy, but has a voice of its own, and it's insane and random. XD
I love that comic so much... QuQ I don't know why. Probably because it was my first full comic with completely original characters. (Although Shiek did appear for a moment.)
XD I'm remaking it nowadays so that the drawing can be better (I'm adding more funny parts, too ouo) But I kinda got busy with my other manga and stopped... ono

HHMMMmmmhmmmhmhmm hm hm hm My best friend and I did some Legend of Zelda live-action-role-playing in my giigaaantiiic backyard over about a year or so. The story ended up pretty awesome. I turned it into a manga, and redid it later. (Although both versions have terrible drawing to me now XD) Anyway, that story and our characters are deep in our hearts -w- And anything besides what I've said is a secret! >8D

And! My first book that I truly count as a manga was my Legend of Zelda fanfiction, Trail of Darkness. I love it because I put so much work into it and hate it because the drawing is terrible and the storyline isn't quite Zelda-worthy XD I really like the Link I made for it though... ouo He's awesome. XD
The storyline is that Link lives among a race I made up, the Chakrias. (They look kinda like bunnies XDXD) On the day of the 100th Chakria Festival, the evil elemental master Xinovam comes and tries to kidnap Link's childhood friend Princess Zelda, cuz she has the Triforce of Wisdom. So Link goes off on this adventure to collect the shards of the Triforce of Courage, blah blah blah, finds the three shrines of the goddesses, ends up getting stuck in the Dark World, finds what was the Temple of Time (but now the Temple of Beacons (which I call the Temple of Bacon)) and pulls out the Master Sword. He finds the five keys of the goddess Challua, called the Challua Crest (they were in the shape of the Hylian crest) and uses the keys to get out of the Dark World. He plays the magical musical instrument of the game, the Chimes of Legend, to make a giant tower appear with four trials in it, one of courage, one of wisdom, and one of power. The last one is where my first awesome original character comes in, Lazallra =D

I had a recently updated picture of him so I thought why not. 8P
Anyway, Link fights Lazallra, gets the last shards of the Triforce of Courage, uses the Hollow Relic to get back to the Dark World, and fights and defeats Xinovam (The final battle was a good length. It was interesting, too. Xinovam had a good final monologue. Anyway...)

Um yeah that was long... XD I was really obssessed with it while I was making it. ^.^ The same way that I am with Alpha/Omega now. >u<

You don't mind if I keep going to talk about a million other manga, do you -w- Good. You can leave any time you want. (>-w-)>

Somewhere around the same time, I started my very first completely original manga. (Last Cookie doesn't count because they were stick figures.) I've mentioned it before, it was called Battle for Veulaska. It was medieval fantasy OF COURSE, LIKE I EVER DO ANYTHING ELSE and it was about a girl named Liien. She was the first original manga character I designed =D (She was before Lazallra.) Anyway, her kingdom, Veulaska, is getting attacked by a race who wants to take over the kingdom, the Denati. Liien gets sent by the king to defeat the leader of the Denati, because she's the best fighter in the city. So she and her flying, talking cat Kerrko, and her squeaking horse go off on an adventure and so ends Chapter One and I threw it away. .-. I wish I hadn't -.-

Why are you still here? Seriously, I said you could leave... o.o

Hm... OH YEAH! I forgot. I little while before Trail of Darkness was a pretty AWESOME one... I called it Master Quest >8D Holy cow I forgot about that one... XD It took place in a giant dataverse that has every character and land from every game EVER. The five main characters were the four Links from Four Swords and Link from Wind Waker... Ok, so I could have made a better choice on the characters, but it was fun. (I love the FS Links... XD Especially Vio. XD) (If you've only played the game and haven't read the Akira Himekawa manga, I'll tell you about that. All four of the Links have different personalities in the manga: Blue is violent, Red is optimistic, and Vio, short for Violet, is calm and cool. And very awesome XD)
ANYWAY, the storyline is that Shadow Link is trying to destroy the game world with glitches (it was an awesome concept. -w-) The five main Links go through 8 different game worlds: Termina, Unova, Rabanastre,  Brinstar, Green Greens, Destiny Islands, Yoshi's Island, and Hyrule. (You recognize all of those except Rabanastre, amirite? XD) And then the Minus World, where the five Links have a final battle with Shadow Link. Uh, they use Pokemon. XD Shadow Link uses Missing No., which is awesome. ouo WW Link barely wins with the random Pidgey that he caught at the beginning of the manga. I didn't plan that. XD
It's just fun because of the HUGE variety of different video game references... XD like, everything, whether it was a popular Nintendo game or a game on FB. HAHAHA
I remade it a while later, and was making a second part (which had Minecraft in it ouo) and I abandoned it like so many other manga... QnQ It was fun while it lasted though.

Dude, seriously... You can leave... o_o Why do you really think I'm that interesting? Or do you just want the cyber-waffle? o.o

A while after that was my first manga that didn't have a specific planned storyline or ending... A series =D It was called Interdimensional High. It was a chibi ^.^ Actually a semi-chibi because I can't really do chibi. o.o Anyway, it was funny and insane and pointless XD
The little bit of storyline was, there's another dimension inhabited by the race called the Meijanians, and they can disguise themselves and cross through to other dimensions. They disguise themselves as teachers and teleport one student from each world to their world, Meijania. There's a school on Meijania called Interdimensional High, where the series takes place. The main character is Ichigo, and she's a human from the world Earth. She meets the other main characters: Terra, an Archshjaaknithean, Liili, a Ravager, Nan, a Neko, and Dagger, who doesn't say where he's from. (Dagger's really awesome, I might have a picture of him up sometime. ^.^) The bigger part of the story takes place in Combat Training, where all of the students practice by sparring against each other. It's really fun. ouo Anyway, I did actually end up writing real storyline, and an ending, but I abandoned the manga before I got very far. ono
The characters were great though... XD

And here's where my mind exploded into awesomeness and I started writing good storyline -w- hehe

My next manga is one of my favorites, Shadowed Regions. It's about two worlds, the World of Darkness and the World of Light (which I'll actually name later) and they're only connected by a single bridge. (Btw, "darkness" doesn't necessarily mean "evil", just physically "dark". And the same thing with "light".) Anyway, on the World of Light is a race called the Shrieken, who live in the shadows. They're trying to find the two pieces of the Twin Relic. (The two pieces are called the Solar Relic and the Lunar Relic.) Anyway, they're planning to do evil stuff with that, so a girl from the World of Darkness, Yumiko, is sent to retrieve the two relics. She meets a boy named Katashi (whom I based off of Dagger, so he's awesome) and he joins her. The main evil bad guy is the leader of the Shrieken, and his name's Vahxti... and he is... seriously... awesome ouo I have a really old picture of him:

AGH IT'S A TERRIBLE DRAWING Q_Q I know I know you probably don't think it's bad, but I don't like it anymore XD Either way, the character is great. His personality is awesome and he's easier to draw than he looks. XD


After that are the 5 manga that I'm working on right now: Alpha/Omega is the main one, obviously, which you probably know about. If not, I'll explain real quick: it's medieval fantasy like always, and the four main characters are trying to fight an evil organization called the Otraken (which is an acronym for Organization of Those Rising Above Kingdom and Eternal Nothing.)
That's basically it. ^.^ It's mainly great because of the characters. I love every one in there -w- My favorite character that I have EVER MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE is one of the four main ones. ouo

The next one I'm most involved in is Core. I'm actually most likely going to release the book version before the manga version. It's my first sci-fi; it's actually post-apocalypse, so it's kind of a mix of sci-fi and my usual Middle Ages stuff. =D The main character is an infiltration android named 360-KL (he's REALLY awesome... Not like the kind of awesome that robots usually are. Funny and dorky kind of awesome. XD) He's actually a type of cyborg; he's EXTREMELY humanlike. Part of what makes his personality so awesome though is that his "common sense files" were damaged, so he doesn't understand some random simple things. Like bananas. There's an entire page of him just trying to figure out how to eat a banana. XD I'll post that page if you want, just ask XD

Another manga I'm working on right now is called Ever-Present Dreams. It's my first manga that takes place on Earth, and not only that but modern-times. And it's not even in Japan, it's in London XD YAY MANGA CHARACTERS WITH BRITISH ACCENTS!!! 8D
The storyline is that there are creatures in this world called the Unknowable. (There are three subcategories called the Hidden, the Forgotten, and the Unseen.) Anyway, the main character is a girl named Kumari Kumala who has the ability to see the Unknowable. The other main characters are her best friend (who doesn't have a name yet,)
an Unknowable boy named Orion, and the best character of all, Darius Knotting (whom people call by his last name. -w-) Also there's the two Unknowable living dolls, Maia and Jasper. (Knotting may also have an Unknowable marionette, but I'm not sure about that yet.) Anyway, they try to figure stuff out and it's fun. ouo

The other two manga I haven't been working on lately. One is called the Role-Playing Game, and it's my first unserious manga in FOREVER. XD It basically just makes fun of RPGs. It's fun. ^u^ The main character's name is Hero, and the other ones are Thief, Mage, and I think possibly Warrior. XD

The other, and for your sake the last manga I'll mention, is Arcane Identities. The first thing that comes to mind about this manga is that it has over 20 main and supporting characters. XD It's medieval fantasy, like usual, and it's another series, without any planned ending. It takes place in a kingdom called Tessiria. The storyline is that there's four different types of people mixed amongst each other: humans, sprites, immortals, and gods. Sprites have a few nonhuman abilities (usually magical,) immortals are associates of the gods who each have a certain job and can't die, and gods are the usual gods and goddesses of time and whatever. Any of the 20 main characters could be humans, sprites, or immortals, or even gods, but they all have a reason for hiding who they are. Hence the name "Arcane Identities". ^_^
Some of the characters are really great... I just have to mention two of them just because XD My favorite is Quinn. He and his younger half-brother, Milo, own a library. Quinn is kind of OCD though, and Milo knows how to annoy him. XD
OCD. Library. Do not mix. XDXDXD
(And don't bug me about the meaning of OCD-- you know who you are <('.'<) We say "Obssessive Completion Disorder", and it's wanting everything to be completed, in place and in order. 8P
In fact, we more often call it CDO, because that way's in alphabetical order -w-)

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have just read the product of 2 hours of me writing! *clap clap clap* Here's your cyber-waffle. (>^.^)>#


Insanely, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)


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