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Daily Blog #16: Lazy Yellow Markers


Gewd mornin =D Even though it's 1:16 in the afternoon. Whatever. I think 3:00PM and under counts as morning.

I got one of those mugs that you can draw on. I drew my favorite original character EVAR on it =D


I got to color in half his hair before the yellow marker decided to retire. .-. It was one of the brand new markers that came with the mug... And the black didn't work at ALL, I had to get a different marker for that. XD

ANYWAYS hi ^.^ How is you? I'm drinking orange strawberry mango orange stuff.

I've probably said this before, but every time I make a manga, I write a book form too. Usually I'm just writing stuff down for planning out storyline for the manga, and I can't stop myself from writing the planning in book form... XD
Anyway, with Alpha/Omega, I'm writing the book version ahead of where I am in the manga version. I just finished writing a really fun battle, but I know that battle's going to be torchure when I have to actually draw it... <(XD)>

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