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Daily Blog #14: I'm Admiring the Shiny White Bands in Your Hair


I made this meme last night. -w-


I sent that picture to a popular Death the Kid roleplay page on FB, and he shared it with the rest of the page. In three hours, it's gotten almost 200 Likes and almost 40 shares =D

Aaannnyyyywaaaayyyy what's up? ouo My picture of the watermelon with the mouth got some stars from Aaron. =D

I'm eating ramen. -w-

Sarah and I just finished the first chapter of our Soul Eater RP. It is SERIOUSLY awesome. >8D
Yeah, the first chapter. XD We're doing it in the type of writing you'd do for a book, not like the average RP. As in, like, instead of saying
*D.J. absent-mindedly pokes one of the three white bands in Kid's hair*
we say
"D.J. absent-mindedly poked one of the three white bands in Kid's hair."
So yeah, a little different.
Anyway... It's been fun. Whenever I RP, I'll try to fit it into my Soul Eater fanfiction. This first chapter of our RP is going to be the first chapter of my fanfiction. ^_^ The chapter I posted a while ago is one I wrote completely myself, which I'm sure most of chapters will be.

Oh yeah, and in case you're wondering, Death the Kid did not approve of D.J. poking the white bands in his hair. <(XD)>

-Laughingly, DeAnna
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