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Daily Blog #8: Asymmetry


You lucky people who got off of school yesterday... -.- I doubt my summer vacation will even start before July.

Anyway, there's more interesting stuff to talk about o3o

Like... Why is it that 40% of the Pokenerds' favorite Pokemon is Charmander? o_o I mean, I know it's one of the good old classics and everything, but... Everyone's favorite Pokemon is Charmander... Probably even the person reading this, your favorite Pokemon is Charmander... (I know, I'm creepy, right?)


I made my own character for Soul Eater RPs. I gave her my same name, D.J. Evans, because it's perfect for Soul Eater, in like, every way. She's a weapon that can wield herself, a cannon. Here's a picture of her:

f:id:DJEvans:20130609040016j:plain You might have noticed how asymmetrical she is... <(XD)> Yup, I did that solely so that I could freak out Death the Kid. So fun ouo My first RP, as I said before, was with Kid, but the RPer was terrible... He didn't notice at all how asymmetrical my character was even though I made it clear. :( But I'm doing an RP now with my friend Sarah (she's playing Stein) and I'm doing both D.J. and Kid... It's great ouo
I like my character... She's completely disorderly and uncoordinated. It's fun to have her walk up and down stairs... XD

Yeah, I forgot to color in her cannon arm in the bottom picture before I scanned it into the computer. 8P

Highlighted comment of the day... Last time I was talking about Soul Eater on my blog, I decided to not talk about it for too long because I figured that "probably not a lot of people here watch Soul Eater"...
Someone commented on that sentence... "FOOL."

Thank you, Soul Eater fans. ^^

-Asymmetrically, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

Random Fact About Me #8: I have an anti-freckle on my leg. Yes, an anti-freckle.

P.S. I just realized this blog is about Death the Kid and symmetry and everything, and it's blog #8... <(XD)>

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!