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Daily Blog #6: Kid VS Stein VS Miku

Hellooo, kinda late... I usually post in the morning. 8P XD

I made a board game about a year back, called Zenukan... It's seriously random and epic. ouo It ends up with storylines, conversations between the characters, etc. even though it's meant to be a battle game. <(XD)> It's hard to explain though. ono

Anyway, I played it today with my friend Sarah. In the game we ended up with a Tesseract, a giant wormhole, sucking in all the pieces on the board and teleporting them to random places. Our characters (we use Death the Kid and Doctor Stein from Soul Eater ouo) accidentally crashed into Hatsune Miku's dance floor, slamming it into pieces, so Miku's goal for the entire game was to get back the PotDF (Pieces of the Dance Floor) because the tesseract absorbed them and teleported them around the world.

So, anyway, the usual stuff for that game... Miku was singing Raining Tacos, in German, and George Bush the Golden Camoflauge Cow ate a tree (except there was an earthquake, so the tree fell over and K.O.'d him.) Kid threw a banana at Patty, everyone teleported from the Coffee Portal to the Flooded Gazebo, and Stein no longer had his narwhal tusk.

This doesn't sound like a board game, does it?

(D.J. Evans)

Random Fact About Me #6: My first original manga character was a girl named Liien. She was the main character of my first original manga Battle for Veulaska... which, as I said in my last random fact, only lasted one chapter. 8P

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!