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Daily Blog #5: Assassin Kitten

*Lord Death's voice* HEY THERE HIYA!

I'm at my brother's house =D Nom nom nom cherries...  Anyway, whaddup?

Turns out I didn't mess up on my RP... It was Kid who messed up. 8P I made it SO CLEAR how asymmetrical my character is, and Kid's just standing there like, "Oh. A weapon..."

I won't say anything more though, since probably a majority of people here don't watch Soul Eater. XD

There's a kitten here. owo He's like a year old, actually, but he's ninja. Evil ninja, ninja assassin kitty. He's sitting on the floor... plotting. I wonder who's paying him to murder me. ouo

Agh... My mind has been exploding with ideas for stories lately. It sounds like a good thing, but I can't ever work on one story at a time... @n@ I want to be focusing on Alpha/Omega, but I've got several other manga and books I'm working on now; Arcane Identities, Core, Ever-Present Dreams, and other things that I'm postponing until I get farther on Alpha/Omega. 8P

...The kitten was under my sleeping bag. I stuck my hand in because I thought he was adorable. Not a good idea...

Maybe my hand will grow back someday.

-Fluffily, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

Random Fact About Me #5: My favorite color is green. Second is blue. Least favorite is pink.

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