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Daily Blog #3: Pringles

*is nomming on Pringles*

Hi guyz! =3 I have 7 subscribers! XD Arigatogozaimasu!!!

Ew these Pringles are "Sour Cream and Onion"...
Tastes better than it sounds though o.o

A few minutes ago, thanks to another blogger, I found out that Nintendo's finally given us the information we've been wanting for so long ^u^ Flipnote 3D will be released in early August, and... *...suspense...* ... The monthly fee will only be $1.00!!! 8D
Here's the link to the rest of the information ouo

Someone ate almost all the Pringles... ;-; I'm eating what little bit's left in the container.

A few days ago I took the 25 Smiles Challenge 8D You're given 25 certain different emotions, and you're supposed to draw your character with each one of them... But he/she has to be smiling some way in each one of them. Here's my results (I used my favorite character that I have EVER designed... He's so adorable @u@)

It was the exact practice I needed to be able to draw him the way I wanted to =3 It was insanely fun too, and not tiring at all.
I shouldn't be posting this yet because I haven't come to this character in my manga yet... Oh well,  knew I wouldn't be able to keep a secret... XD HE'S SO ADORABLE Anyway...
I challenge all who reads this to take the 25 Smiles Challenge with your own character!!! =D Who's doing it?

I'm almost out of Pringles.

In July, I'm going to a camp in Florida... Which is the other side of the country for me >8D I live in California. I've been to that place twice in my life already (my brother went to college there) But this time... I'm going by myself!!! THIS IS GONNA BE A HUGE EPIC ADVENTURE >8D ANyway, they're doing a sort of thing where they have a whole bunch of different camps where they're gonna teach us stuff... I'm going to art camp, then drama camp. =3 They won't let us bring any electronics, though; therefore, I'll be gone for the first 2 weeks or so of July.
It's going to be epic though... >=3

I am now out of Pringles... A moment of silence.


Ok, that's it. Seeya guys =3

(D.J. Evans)

Random Fact About Me #3: If I lay my hand on a flat surface, I can turn it 360 degrees. It's good when I want to give someone a heart attack.

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!