Land of Epic Derp

I'm DeAnna, a.k.a. D.J. Evans. I write stories, draw manga, and other stuff XD

Reintroduction. Hallooo!

Ok, this is my third post in two hours, but whatever. I've figured some stuff out now. I have a couple things to say, I guess.

First of all: HELLO AGAIN. -w- On Flipnote Hatena, my username was DeAnna, my Hatena id is DJEvans. As you probably know. I got my DSi for Christmas 2012, and so I was only on Flipnote Hatena for two or three months before they announced the Apocaflips... e_e
Yeah, I call it the Apocaflips. -w-

Still, 5 months of Flipnote Hatena was enough for me to get some great inspirations, as well as make some SUPER awesome friends, most of which I'm still in touch with.

I don't have a 3DS yet, but I'll get one soon. Probably directly after 3D World of Gallery Derp Whatever is launched.
Yeah that's what I call it... XD Yes I know what it's called.

I had been making a anime series on Flipnote Hatena (called Alpha/Omega,) but the Apocaflips was announced right after I posted Part 6... I got super unmotivated and stopped. -.- I'll be making a new series on Gallery World... And I'm officially gonna be AfRoToAd's epic rival in series-writing-ness >8D

Anyway, I'm now turning my old series, Alpha/Omega, into a manga. I'll be posting it to my Facebook page (which I'll post the link to in a minute.)

Speaking of my Facebook page... Yep, I got my own page on Book of Face. It's called D.J. Evans (of course) and it's where I'm trying to gather people from Flipnote Hatena... Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like a lot of people from Flipnote Hatena have Facebook accounts T^T Anyway, besides gathering Hatenians, on that page I also post my manga, books, and later my music. Other various original junk too.
So... Hopefully you can come to that @u@ If you have a Facebook, please come... -w-
Here's the link.

(I don't know whether or not that link will work once this is posted... You might have to copy-paste it into the URL bar. Sowwy. :P)

I THINK that's basically everything I have to say...

Well, I just started this blog, so I wouldn't mind having a few new friends. -w- Hi peoplez! ouo

-Weirdly, DeAnna
(D.J. Evans)

P.S. Hey look, green font... XD

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!