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I'm DeAnna, a.k.a. D.J. Evans. I write stories, draw manga, and other stuff XD

Looking for a friend (BellaBeeson)

I know how ridiculously small the chances are that you'll see this, but
Bella, if you somehow do see this, please find me. I've been worried about you ever since you disappeared. I hope you're doing better and that life's treating you well.


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Update and The End™ (also contact information)

hi whatcha doin? nothing just crying at the 14-year-old art here

This is probably totally unnecessary since I'm sure no one is left here, but I thought I might as well officially wrap this blog up. If there were a way to hide all posts but this one from the public eye, I would, but I'll just trust everyone not to go looking for what I was like when I was fourteen. (right?? ok but srsly this blog is so embarrassing now I might just delete it)

I was just gonna go all "lol bye" but I might as well post an update on life

God's been really good to me. I'm happy, much more intelligent than I was two years ago, generally all of my friends are pretty happy too, and nearly every aspect of life is just great. I'm starting college this fall at PCC in Florida, where I'll be majoring in performing arts and minoring in... Spanish, I think. I really wanted to minor in psychology but they don't teach it there. uugghhh
maybe I'll just ditch the arts and become a defense lawyer
jk that's too much studying

Oh, I'm 17 now (18 in a few months.) Right now I'm a literal hikiNEET who sits in their room all day on the internet but maybe I'll learn social skills in college
since I'll be sharing a room with ~3 other girls
hhahahhahah cries why am I considering becoming an actress or an attorney in this state

Skip this section if you don't care, but yeah, now that I remember, the time I was writing this blog looked really concerning. (or annoying, however you want to look at it.) I was in my loneliest stage and was pretty messed up.
so in case you were worried about that... yeah, I grew up really alone (homeschooled, youngest in my entire family by several years, etc.) so when I got a friend, I'd get super clingy and dependant. And of course my social skills were terrible so I'd scare everyone away pretty fast. Which would make me more clingy and melodramatic anddd yeah
But I met my best friend at about the time I stopped writing this blog. Actually, she might be part of the reason I stopped writing here, since I can just vent everything to her and she doesn't mind lol
Her existence has really mellowed me out. I'd probably still be the same if it weren't for her. As long as I've talked to her at least once in the past few days, I'm pretty much good not talking to anybody. That's saying a lot considering how I used to be.

</dramatic character development>

hey, I finally started my webcomic after three years! You can read it here. you can see, my art's improved

You can also follow my webcomic's tumblr for news and updates on it.

If you'd rather follow me, then the blog where I post original content is f/edora/moro/n, and the blog where I reblog stuff is a/-ba/gel-with-a-f/edora.

as you'll see, the voice I'm typing with is very fake as I try to hold the meme away for as long as this update lasts

Anyway, I guess that's enough for now. If you want to talk to me, send an ask or message to f/ed/oramo/ro/n. I'll be really happy to hear someone here still cares about me hah
if this is the only place you can contact me, then well, I remember to check this site every 150 days or so
I do have a deviantart (f/edora/moro/n) but I don't use it very much, in fact I deleted everything on there because I don't trust DA whoops
I also have a Twitter (@f/edor/amoro/n)

Flipnote and this blog were a really good introduction both to the arts and to the internet, so even though most of the FN survivors I see now are still furries, I'm glad I was part of this community. I made one permanent friend (whoops I pushed everyone else away, deanna's friendship skills strike again) and now that I think about it, FN Hatena indirectly started the chain of events that led me to meeting my best friend, lol



there goes dat girl!! o shet farewell

Daily??? Blog #497: wat

I legitimately forgot about this blog for a good 2-4 weeks gj

Stuff has happened but nothing I really feel like bothering to type about. Right now I just realized that people are going back to school and I'll probably be extremely alone for the rest of this year. Which is a big problem. I have a super deep need to be constantly talking to a friend online (which I only have two of by now) and now they won't be here much because of school
I'm not even motivated to do anything if there isn't someone around to rant to
I'm honestly not sure how I'm going to survive this year emotionally because all but two of my remaining friends are now gone woohoo
I literally spend hours sometimes just waiting for someone to come online because I miss them so much and then a lot of times they'll just come on for a second and then disappear or not come on at all

Q. do you have any real life friends

A. none
you might think I'm exaggerating but????

I've never ever felt depression before and the thought scares me but this year could get dangerously close
If I don't make any new friends (which I don't really see happening) I'll have to either turn my emotions off or die inside
bye lol-- //I'll try not to forget about this blog for so long again wwwww

(D.J. Evans/F/ed/oram/oro/n)

By the way, I've mostly been on tumblr (my mom finally let me get one and it is a HORRIBLY DISGUSTING PLACE but I'm finally getting popularity so I'm staying ;D)
My URL is f/edo/ramo/ro/n so
y ea h
b     y      e    wwwwww I promise I'm not usually so depressing it's just 1am and I'm crying because there's no one around and I just found out my best friend randomly won't be back online until friday pfffft
we were involved in a super amazing RP and I can barely even wait one day to get back to it so how am I suddenly going to wait a whole week wwwwwwwww killmepls

Daily Blog #496: random rant about our rpg

I don't know anything anymore. xD

I suddenly started rewriting a book I started a long while ago. The one with Chance and Princess Elekna. I wrote a few sentences and probably won't get back to it for a few years... x'D
I have so many other things I need to do. I'm kind of on an unannounced hiatus on both my Mafu and Ask Mekakushi Dan sideblogs. x'D I need to get back to those.

My work on the RPG is still very consistent though. :D I have a ton of the work done already.
I have at least half of the necessary character portraits for each of the four main characters; I have two village BGMs, character themes for all four main characters, and some other music; I've drawn two monsters; and I'm helping Hibi with the sprites. I'm drawing floors so far, at the very least. I want to do walls and as much else as possible, really. And I have a lot of the script written out for the beginning.

Look at my monsters though.



It looks legit and it makes me happy. x'D
This RPG is really gonna work. >:DD

I'm sacrificing some of the music I originally wrote for Alpha/Omega. TvT A/O's just gonna be a novel series, and that's it, so I should be willing to give up some of the music I wrote for it. x'D The two village BGMs are from it, though. As much as I love those songs, I'll be really happy to have them as actual village BGMs in an actual RPG.

I'm ranting and I don't care. x'D

Hibi's going to make Shiro an NPC in the village where she puts the Takai City BGM. xD

I also made this ambient noise thing for a beach, and it's really calming. xD Hibi accidentally had it on loop forever.

I just started watching Assassination Classroom ahah

wHY IS IT SO GOOD//screaming
//I'm only on the second episode yeah but dsgjfkkhnnnnggg

//okay I have to go to bed now ;;;;
niiight asfkdsf

(D.J. Evans)

Daily Blog #495: RPG making is fun :'D

I hate people today for some reason. xD
I'm in a pretty good mood right now, but today I hated people. xD


I don't really like JubyPhonic anymore, but considering how absolutely perfect her cover of Death Should Not Have Taken Thee was, I kind of hope she does this one too. xD
ugh this is making me so happy


1. A webcomic I still haven't started
2. An Ask Mekakushi Dan blog
3. A Mafumafu comic/fanblog
(both blogs I try to draw something for every day, but don't manage to do it)

Okayokay so we started making that KagePro RPG a while back, and it was going really good, but then stuff happened and we slowed down, and once we were able to get back to it we had no motivation left. x'D So it kinda died...
I wasn't sure how we'd be able to make an RPG with KagePro anyway.

But anyway, I mentioned before how Hibi and I--
(what do I even call her
her name's [redacted] but she roleplays Hibiya so I call her Hibi--)
I mentioned before how we made some OCs just for an Ib RP
we started a new RP a while ago with a new storyline, and we're gonna try as hard as we can to make it into an RPG :'D

I've been working a lot on the character portraits.


Just a few of them... xD

And I literally just finished the first of this one.


Okay, got a lot more now... xD


Now I should go to bed because it's two in the morning. xD


(D.J. Evans)

Daily Blog #494: Maybe tomorrow's blog won't be about Mafumafu

“No matter how many times I say 'Namamugi,' it becomes 'Namagumi,' but I believe that this isn’t a case of me not being able to recite lines well, but a case where even if I say 'Namamugi' precisely, the sound is interfered by some sort of special substance when it is being transmitted in the air, and by the time it circulates to the human ear the words sound different.”


He still can't say it
He's still trying to say it and he can't

It's such a simple word but

In Hikikomoranai Radio they're making each other do situps constantly. Apparently Soraru even makes Mafumafu do situps outside the recording whenever he can't do the tongue twister right--

//hibi and I are skyping and we're doing it
"namamugi namagome namatamago"
we sound like mafu aadkagafkg

I can do it now but she's like
"namamugi namamome //screeech"

I started doing a wonderful Soraru imitation
now I can't stop because my voice is so perfect--//slapped
//I'm making it sound derpy now though //hibi keeps dying every time I do it

mafumafu: //screaming about an anime

me: I'll watch this anime-- //looks it up

anime: //seinen slice-of-life anime full of lolis
//not very different from Lucky Star


mafu: //screaming

me: //throws mafu out window

still gonna watch it


(D.J. Evans)

Daily Blog #493: This blog is still about Mafumafu.


Together, Kono and I translated a tweet Mafumafu made fourteen hours ago.
He's going to meet Soraru to work on Hikikomoranai Radio :'D And the sakura on the way there were pretty.

It's stupid how happy that makes me. xD

I just liked a video that someone posted on Facebook because it was really cute and praising Jesus, but I think she might have posted it to be sacreligious/insulting----
I just refriended her after like a year and I don't know if she's still a Christian. ;;;;

She's doing the coloring for the image I sketched for Aeon Labyrinth. :'D
It looks really pretty so far~

listen to these dorks

Mafu messed up in the end with his horrible tongue twister skills. :'D
Those notes though. How is he even human ;;;; That must be right at the very top of his range. And maybe edited.
Because... x'D how

I still don't understand how he can be so horrible at tongue twisters (he can't even say "hikikomoranai rajio") and still be able to sing Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl, the fastest song I've ever heard. ;;;

wow this blog really is all about mafumafu now

shhhh it's a phase, it'll pass

when I'm dead



no but his tongue twister skills-- He and Soraru had a tongue twister battle in Hikikomoranai Radio and
Mafumafu had cheated, and trained before he told Soraru what they were gonna do--
and he still lost
If I ever get to talk to him I'm going to ask him how long it took him to be able to sing Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl-- and if there are any mistakes that stayed in the recording (besides the part where he forgot to sing--)

I just


gotta go to bed
niight lol~

(D.J. Evans)

Thank you Mario, but the princess is in another castle!